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Half of what makes a Muscle Bear ain't meat on the bones. Given a big, hairy frame, a man either chooses to build muscles with what he's got - or deteriorate into a life of obesity, inactivity, diabetes and vascular disease. Integrating exercise into your DAILY life and building a Commit-To-Fit mental framework is the solution.

A Bear bodybuilder is likely to spend quite a bit of time beefing up his Bear muscles at the gym. Still, it's smart to have some basic home gym equipment to pump up your musculature with when you're bored, restless or stressed-out. A few dumbbells, a kettlebell or a bodybar can occupy minimal space and help you get a good workout anywhere.

Books For Beefy Big Bear Muscle

Brawn without brains makes a muscular Bear's development harder to come by. These best-selling bodybuilding books are must-reads that will change and improve a Bear's bodybuilding and weight-training time spent at the gym.
Beefy Muscle BibleWhat's Under Your Fur?Brain Induced Brawn
Bodybuilding Encyclopedia

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Muscle Anatomy 101

Frederic Delavier
A-Z Body Building

Robert Kennedy

Big Muscle Bear Bodybuilders don't get that way by accident. They work their brains as well as their bods. A library of big, beefy bear bodybuilding, weight training, and muscle anatomy books can help buff up your brain cells and make your workout routine time at the gym far more productive and intelligent. The beef-up books mentioned above are a great starting poing for a Bear's basic workout smarts. Those into being a MuscleBull an Olympic style Bear Powerlifter find other powerlifting book titles and programs like the Wendler 5/3/1 program and Westside Barbell method to be more to their liking.

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Weider Adjustable KettleBell

10-40# Total Body Workout
HIT Video Download

Mike Mentzer
1-Piece Gym

5-20# Weight Bars