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Get Thicker Legs - A Big Beefy Butt - Meaty Thighs

Thick Legged Muscle Bear
A Muscle Bear’s glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings are the largest muscle bundles in a man’s body. They burn a remarkable number of calories while - and after they're being trained. Those squats, lunges, leg presses and deadlift sets take a significant energy toll on the whole body, yet yield great muscle mass-building results for the long haul. Because one's body works systemically, those demanding leg training sessions will contribute to a rapid increase in both muscle mass and in elevating your body's resting metabolic rate. The burn from hard-core leg training lasts long, long after the workout is finished.

Ham-Hock, you are sitting on your body's best fat-fighting resource: Your rump's gluteus muscles and upper legs are the two major body parts that incorporate the largest muscle groups on the human skeleton. These large muscle masses respond rapidly and well to weight-training: If you feel you haven't been making significant muscular development gains lately, re-focusing on leg training hard and heavy can deliver rapid, visible results.

For the most rapid gains in lean MuscleBear mass, you can’t avoid heavy leg training. The ability for muscular growth and transformations that leg training offers a muscular Bear’s whole body is simply too good to pass up. One doesn't need expensive gym equipment to pack on significant leg muscle. You can get thick, beefy legs with affordable muscle building equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells or performing bodyweight exercises. The exercise focus should be on doing squats, leg presses, dead-lifts and lunges until your legs feel like rubbery noodles.

Get thick calves with some very, VERY high rep Calf Raises. Do both standing and bent-over straddle raises - the latter get more hamstring involvement. Constantly mix-up and vary your Calf Raise with everted and inverted foot positions to target development of the inner and outer edges of the gastrocnemius muscles. Our Bear bod’s calves are used to toting around out bodyweight day in an out, so you really have to torture your calves above and beyond the normal to get them to respond and grow.

A simple, biweekly training regimen is to split your legs into front and rear. One day, train the muscle in front of your legs, then alternately train the muscle on the back side of your legs and calves. If you are looking for a well-defined, beefy, muscular backside, perfect your lunge movements. The bulk of your exercises should be classic, free-standing Powerlifting type moves with a barbell. However, Lying Leg Curl, Seated Leg Extension and Hack Squat machines should be part of the mix too. Try this leg training combo for 6 to 8 weeks then mix your routine. Any number of top-selling bodybuilding books can assist in becoming familiar with the proper way to perform the core leg exercises and familiarize you with the big muscles involved.