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Muscle Bear BodyBuilding Supplements : 1-2-3 Easy

Brutus The Bear Bodybuilder
There's a multi-billion dollar muscle building supplement industry just waiting for the next sucker and his wallet to come along. And if you're a Gay Bear, we already know you're already skilled at that, so… let's separate your actual nutritional requirements to pack on muscle from all the marketing myths, beliefs and hopes about nutrition. There's really only THREE things you actually need and want to shove into your Bear Hole to meet the demands of achieving your fitness and muscular development goals:

1. Eat A Clean, Fresh, Protein Rich MuscleBear Diet

The biggest challenge any muscle building Bear has is to consciously get the daily amount of quality, clean complex carbs and lean protein they need to pack on muscle - and to keep body fat in check. And if you're a big husky Bear training hard, your daily caloric needs are going to be high. Lean protein is the most expensive food source by weight, which is why the Magic Protein Powder industry is aiming for your wallet. (See #3 below.) Otherwise, it's not rocket science worth rehashing like a million diet 'n' muscle articles across the net. Just ONE sentence is needed here: Dairy, Meat, Fish, and Eggs. A lot of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit. Maybe a few Whole Grains. Period.

2. Take Your Vitamins, Bear

The ONLY 'insurance' policy your bod needs is a daily multi-vitamin with minerals. It's a cheap, 1-A-Day kind of guarantee your body will get ALL that it clinically needs without -- literally -- pissing money and excess unneeded nutrients down the toilet. Take two on days you need to believe getting 100% of your daily requirements isn't somehow enough. This Big Honker of a 500 count bottle of Kirkland's Multi+ is the cheapest, hands-down deal that'll last you a whole year. A multi-vitamin and mineral is the ONLY supplement you really ought to invest in:

CHEAP Multi-Vitamin

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3. Recharge Your Bear Body Post-Workout

Bring some good nutrition with you for right after your workout. The ONLY time you MIGHT need to get drug into the world of big-ticket $10+ a pound Nutrition Powders and Protein Shakes MIGHT be immediately after your gym workout. A rather complete and high protein shake with extra Branch Chain Amino Acids is best, forget the rest. Timed right, they can give your body what it needs for quick uptake, regeneration and recuperation. There you have it in two sentences - without having to read a 4 PAGE ADVERTISEMENT in a bodybuilding magazine that you thought was an article, but it turned out to just be an advertisement selling you 'miracle' supplements.

Get Thicker Legs - A Big Beefy Butt - Meaty Thighs

Thick Legged Muscle Bear
A Muscle Bear’s glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings are the largest muscle bundles in a man’s body. They burn a remarkable number of calories while - and after they're being trained. Those squats, lunges, leg presses and deadlift sets take a significant energy toll on the whole body, yet yield great muscle mass-building results for the long haul. Because one's body works systemically, those demanding leg training sessions will contribute to a rapid increase in both muscle mass and in elevating your body's resting metabolic rate. The burn from hard-core leg training lasts long, long after the workout is finished.

Ham-Hock, you are sitting on your body's best fat-fighting resource: Your rump's gluteus muscles and upper legs are the two major body parts that incorporate the largest muscle groups on the human skeleton. These large muscle masses respond rapidly and well to weight-training: If you feel you haven't been making significant muscular development gains lately, re-focusing on leg training hard and heavy can deliver rapid, visible results.

For the most rapid gains in lean MuscleBear mass, you can’t avoid heavy leg training. The ability for muscular growth and transformations that leg training offers a muscular Bear’s whole body is simply too good to pass up. One doesn't need expensive gym equipment to pack on significant leg muscle. You can get thick, beefy legs with affordable muscle building equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells or performing bodyweight exercises. The exercise focus should be on doing squats, leg presses, dead-lifts and lunges until your legs feel like rubbery noodles.

Get thick calves with some very, VERY high rep Calf Raises. Do both standing and bent-over straddle raises - the latter get more hamstring involvement. Constantly mix-up and vary your Calf Raise with everted and inverted foot positions to target development of the inner and outer edges of the gastrocnemius muscles. Our Bear bod’s calves are used to toting around out bodyweight day in an out, so you really have to torture your calves above and beyond the normal to get them to respond and grow.

A simple, biweekly training regimen is to split your legs into front and rear. One day, train the muscle in front of your legs, then alternately train the muscle on the back side of your legs and calves. If you are looking for a well-defined, beefy, muscular backside, perfect your lunge movements. The bulk of your exercises should be classic, free-standing Powerlifting type moves with a barbell. However, Lying Leg Curl, Seated Leg Extension and Hack Squat machines should be part of the mix too. Try this leg training combo for 6 to 8 weeks then mix your routine. Any number of top-selling bodybuilding books can assist in becoming familiar with the proper way to perform the core leg exercises and familiarize you with the big muscles involved.

Gay Steroids - HRT Bodybuilding - Muscle Bear Bearoids

Gay Steroid Muscle Bear
Anabolic steroid use in Gay men is on the rise - but it’s also happening in the broader culture as well. I’m surprised by what I’m seeing on TV. Dad comes home tired from work and a steady barrage of testosterone gel commercials on the nightly television news promise men a renewed lease on their energy levels and sex life. Add by gawd, it works. For many of our brothers in the Gay community, testosterone supplementation has helped stave off the ravages that living with HIV long-term can do to your body.

HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy for aging men is on a massive upswing. On many levels it’s simply a multi-billion dollar commercial steroid market that pharmaceutical companies are eager to legitimize and grow into a major profit center. And like far too many aspects of America’s pharma solution culture, we’re eager for more magic pills, gels and injections to solve any of our life issues and ease our pains - real or imagined.

As an aging Gay man who recently turned fifty-five, I went on testosterone replacement therapy with quite a bit of trepidation. My greatest fear was once I started TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy - what would life be like when I stopped taking the primary anabolic steroid that gives us energy, stamina, lean muscle mass and sexual drive? Without testosterone supplementation, would I turn back into my regular self and find that intolerable? Natural bodybuilding has it’s merits. The muscle gains and definition you get are the sum total of your weight-lifting efforts, training refinements, dietary choices and rest and recuperation cycles. Add synthetic testosterone to that - and it really does amplify and transform a routine gym routine into something that makes your muscles respond, body composition change, and delivers more visible results at an accelerated pace.

I’m not going to dive into the growth hormone and steroid abuse scene that I’m sure far to many athletes, bodybuilders and Gay Muscle Bears likely pursue. Whether it’s peckers or muskles, Bigger Is Supposedly Better and some will do, buy, inject, or swallow whatever it takes to get that -- to become the biggest, baddest Alpha-Male Bearoid of the bunch. There’s certainly no shortage of info on the net about all the steroids, dietary supplements, ergogenics, thermogenics, diuretics, et. al. to supposedly build, then strip your flabby Bear body into a chiseled slab of a beefy, muscular sex machine that everybody will want.

For the more sensible Muscle Bear wanna-be’s who’s testosterone levels are on the decline: Start by educating yourself with a decent book or three on TRT - Testosterone Replacement and other anti-aging options for men. A few good book titles I’d recommend are Testosterone : A Man's Guide and also Testosterone for Life: Recharge Your Vitality, Sex Drive, Muscle Mass, and Overall Health for starters. Then find yourself a decent Doctor of Endocrinology who specializes exclusively on assessing and treating the hormonal changes that men can experience as they age.

Photo credit: Preston Craig

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Walk into any GNC - General Nutrition Center - and you'll feel like you've been had. There's nothing 'GENERAL' about it. It's about SPECIFIC nutritional 'needs' your brain thinks you have cuz you've read waaaaaaay too many Muscle and BodyBuilding Mags - when all your body really needs is a decent well-balanced diet - and a decent equally balanced multi-vitamin and mineral suppliment.

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