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How To Become A Muscle Bear - MuscleBear Wannabe FAQ

Muscle Bear Powerlifter
So, you want to be a Muscle Bear? Perhaps you are just starting out and want to know what it's going to take to become a big and beefy muscular Bear of a man. If you're a young Cub, or even an aging Daddy Bear who's gotten out of shape, it's never too early or late to start integrating fitness into your daily life.

Assuming you already have a basic, Bearish body, there's more you can do to refine, shape and build a hairy muscular Bear build to become a beefy MuscleBear of more solid proportions. If you already are a Buff Bear, you can become even more muscular, defined and solid.

Set Muscular Development Goals

Becoming a big Muscle Bear takes time - and a lot of effort at the gym. Set a realistic goal of turning into a Muscle Bear over a reasonable time frame. If you're really out of condition, expect to spend the first 30 days in "Muscle Bear Boot-Camp" mode retraining your basic physiology before you'll truly be able to start packing on serious muscle mass.

Hair Makes The Bear - Stop Unnecessary Shaving and Manscaping

What's a Muscle Bear without lots of body hair - or at least a decent beard or set of whiskers? If you've been leaning too heavily on the hair-clippers, beard trimmers and male body groomers, its time to back off. Let your beard fill out, get your chest or back hair back and stop whacking-off so often 'down there'. In the initial stages of turning into a Muscle Bear, grow back to your natural hirsiute state. In later phases of your muscular Bear development, you'll refine groom and style your look to be meaner, hotter, tougher and buffer.

Measure Your Muscles, Bear

Get a tailor's flexible tape measure. (Don't be Butch Bear and try using the metal one from your toolbox!) Using a men's physique and muscle measuring guide, get accurate measurements of your body for future reference on tracking your changes. Setting up an account and profile on a Gay men's fitness site like or can make measurement tracking easier.

Beef-Up Your Bear Brain With Fitness Books

Build a Muscle Bear Bodybuilding book library from some of the recommended fitness, weight-training and bodybuilding titles from best-selling selections that have stood the test of time. A good grasp on a Bear man's anatomy and musculature is critical for targeting muscle groups for rapid mass and size development effectively. The more you know, the more efficiently you'll grow in to the big, burly, beefy Bear you want to be.

Get A Grip On Your Pie-Hole, Fat Boy

It's no secret that most big Bear men are carrying around and extra 10, 40, or 100 unneeded and unwanted pounds of nothing but fat, fat, fat. If you want to become a MuscleBear, you're going to need to start trading in that fat for beefy muscle mass. And that means permanent and lifelong dietary changes to stop shoving crap mindlessly into your pie-hole in front of the TV or your computer, and start feeding your Bear body with clean, lean and healthy stuff instead.

Gear Up! Shop Some Hot Bear-Wear Workout Apparel and Gear

Becoming a buff Muscle Bear isn't just a physical routine. It's a look, an image, a built and burly persona you'll wear 24x7. You're going to need proper gym Bear wear attire and sporting goods for your time at the gym.

Join A Gym Where Gay Muscle Bears Hang-Out

Many find watching other big, hairy Bear men working out to be inspirational to say the least… Find a good local gym where a nice selection of beefy, hairy MuscleBears workout. Hit up on them, make friends and Bear workout partners to keep you motivated and on-track. And don't forget - Quality time spent undressing in the locker-room and showering with other MuscleBears is part of complete benefit package that comes with trying to be a MuscleBear yourself.

Set A Muscle Bear Workout Schedule - Commit To Fit

Few of us have the luxury to make being a MuscleBear a full-time job. We have other life commitments to work, partners and friends. But time spent weight-lifting has GOT to be allocated and adhered to 3 to 6 times a week, for 1-2 hours needs to happen, like clockwork. Make your Bear beef-up commitment and prioritize it in your life.

Push Your Bear Body - Or Pay A Personal Trainer To

If you really want to transform into a leaner, meaner, buff and beefy Muscle Bear - you're going to have to hit the weights hard, perform the exercises effectively, and push your muscles to absolute failure on the last reps of every exercise. For some, hiring a certified personal trainer is a smart investment starting on the road to Muscle Beardom. Locally, both John and more recently Ted have bossed my muscles around to great benefit.

Get Adequate Rest - Sleep With Other MuscleBears

Did you know your Bear muscle growth occurs mostly when you sleep - not during your weight-lifting workouts? Get plenty of rest, preferably by sleeping with other Muscle Bears whenever possible. You'll learn so much about -- well, a lot of things: Men's anatomy and physiology, the wide range of male body hair distribution patterns, the color and texture of various beards, goatees and body fur, learn the subtleties of extreme moments of muscular tension and flexibility, and the effects of the male hormone testosterone on both sexual and muscular response. Until you've had a muscular Bear man on top, pinning you down into hopeless submission, or exercising your skills at full-body contact sports in bed, you just won't fully appreciate how worthwhile your efforts to become a Muscle Bear can truly be!