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The Healthy Bear - Gays And ObamaCare

Gay Health Insurance
The numbers for the percentages of Gay women and men without health insurance in America is downright ugly. While nationwide about 1 in 6 (15%) of the general population go without health coverage, within the LGBT community the ratio of the uninsured rises to 1 in 4 (25%) overall. The percentage of uninsured is even bleaker for low-income Gay Transgendered, Hispanics, Blacks and other LGBT racial minorities where 1 in 3 (33%) go without.

ObamaCare is the biggest life-preserver our Gay community has ever been offered. So here's just a big Fuck-You to Gay Log Cabin Republicans who are complicit in supporting the GOP, the Conservative Right, and any one and any thing that seeks to undermine the ability of our LGBT community to finally get the guaranteed access to very affordable health care that we desperately need. There are many explicit non-discrimination provisions within the Affordable Care Act that address equality in access and services for our community that's long overdue - especially for those with partners and who are now legally married.

For Gay Bear men - especially the Chubba-Bubba Bears - Our propensity towards being overweight, prone to diabetes and vascular disease as well as our risk profile for HIV/AIDS and transmissible infections makes us a unique demographic that needs more than the average Straight Joe. We owe it to ourselves and our community to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits the ACA - Affordable Care Act - 'ObamaCare' is poised to offer us on January 1st 2014.

Even for Gay Muscle Bears and those with a Commit-To-Fit lifestyle, without basic comprehensive health insurance, all one's efforts at the gym may be for naught if a sports injury, an accident, or serious illness strikes. One's health, financial security and well-being can change in a single event, a single health crisis, or begin to degrade steadily with time.

Of note, the No-Cost PREVENTATIVE health services mandated to be included in all of the Affordable Care Act Exchange plans are something you ought to review and be aware of. The ACA prohibits out-of-pocket costs for prevention services. Particularly for MSM : Men having Sex with Men -- Free immunizations that the CDC Guidelines recommend for our community are something you should review with your doctor and take advantage of.

If you thought you couldn't afford health insurance, if you'd been denied because of pre-existing conditions, you might be surprised at how comprehensive and cheap ACA insurance through either your state or the national ACA exchanges can be. Policies range across a 4-Tier Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum framework. Even the lowest-cost but high-deductible Bronze plans include lower negotiated Physician or Urgent Care billing prices and prescriptions, with no out-of-pocket costs for those preventative services. Find out more about LGBT healthcare options at -- and at apply at or your local state exchange.

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