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PS I Love You : Take Me Back, Please!

FIVE FRICKING MONTHS, PEOPLE! 5 months of Severe Beefy Homosexual Male Deprivation has gotten to BP! I love my forest and tiny cabin with all my soul. But for the love of gawd: I need to get Queered Up so bad I can almost taste it: I need to hear The Gay music again. To TAKE A SHOWER with multiple hairy, wet, sudsy Beefs. To shave more than once a month to look FABULOUS. To strut in a slinky black Speedo poolside with The Gays. To wear sunglasses and look cool. To rub the bare, exposed hairy bellies of hairy bellied men in Gay bars again - which is my Ultimate Destiny. For the love of Gawd people - I can’t take much more of this quiet, simple, clean, safe, sensible high-quality gentle communing with nature. I need The Palm Springs Gays. BAD.

Hairy Bear In Speedo Terrorizes Beach

Lake Superior was SPECTACULAR today! And so was I - clad in only a SLINKY BLACK SPEEDO BRIEF. The local good ol’ boys of Northern Wisconsin just don’t know what to make of me. They’re the sort of guys who normally wear cut-off jean shorts AND keep thier T-shirts on when they swim... Modest Bubba’s they are, doncha know.