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Building Muscle Over 50 : Aging MuscleBear Daddy Wannabe Hell

Muscle Building After 50 Hurts
If you thought packing on huge slabs of thick, massive muscle was hard work, try doing it after you're 50. Hell, try getting and remaining fit after 55. There's a whole confluence of things that happen to an aging Daddy Bear that conspires against the best of intentions. If you're like me and were late to the game, suddenly deciding that you're going to get in shape, commit to fitness and pack on big muscle mass by the time you're 50 years old -- You're in for a hard uphill, over-the-hill battle.

The desire to become a Beefy, graciously aging MuscleBear Daddy wannabe can be a tortuous hell -- particularly if you're not genetically inclined to: 1. HAVE muscles in the first place, 2. Easily ADD muscle mass from basic weight training, and 3. Steadily PROGRESS with your weight lifting regimen -- the best you'll be able to do is HOLD YOUR GROUND and prevent the loss of muscle mass thats a sadly normal part of getting older regardless. Testosterone Replacement Therapy - TRT does help building muscle in your 50's and beyond. But it becomes a bit of a trap because if you stop, you'll find you soften and lose your hard-earned hard muscle gains with alarming speed.

An aging Bear basically has to workout just as hard as ever, much more cautiously and carefully, with slowly degrading joints and ligaments conspiring against you. Weight training and muscle building over 55 often means dropping your poundages, performing lifts with precision and safety, and knowing your limitations.