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Muscle Bear BodyBuilding Supplements : 1-2-3 Easy

Brutus The Bear Bodybuilder
There's a multi-billion dollar muscle building supplement industry just waiting for the next sucker and his wallet to come along. And if you're a Gay Bear, we already know you're already skilled at that, so… let's separate your actual nutritional requirements to pack on muscle from all the marketing myths, beliefs and hopes about nutrition. There's really only THREE things you actually need and want to shove into your Bear Hole to meet the demands of achieving your fitness and muscular development goals:

1. Eat A Clean, Fresh, Protein Rich MuscleBear Diet

The biggest challenge any muscle building Bear has is to consciously get the daily amount of quality, clean complex carbs and lean protein they need to pack on muscle - and to keep body fat in check. And if you're a big husky Bear training hard, your daily caloric needs are going to be high. Lean protein is the most expensive food source by weight, which is why the Magic Protein Powder industry is aiming for your wallet. (See #3 below.) Otherwise, it's not rocket science worth rehashing like a million diet 'n' muscle articles across the net. Just ONE sentence is needed here: Dairy, Meat, Fish, and Eggs. A lot of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit. Maybe a few Whole Grains. Period.

2. Take Your Vitamins, Bear

The ONLY 'insurance' policy your bod needs is a daily multi-vitamin with minerals. It's a cheap, 1-A-Day kind of guarantee your body will get ALL that it clinically needs without -- literally -- pissing money and excess unneeded nutrients down the toilet. Take two on days you need to believe getting 100% of your daily requirements isn't somehow enough. This Big Honker of a 500 count bottle of Kirkland's Multi+ is the cheapest, hands-down deal that'll last you a whole year. A multi-vitamin and mineral is the ONLY supplement you really ought to invest in:

CHEAP Multi-Vitamin

Compare To Centrum

3. Recharge Your Bear Body Post-Workout

Bring some good nutrition with you for right after your workout. The ONLY time you MIGHT need to get drug into the world of big-ticket $10+ a pound Nutrition Powders and Protein Shakes MIGHT be immediately after your gym workout. A rather complete and high protein shake with extra Branch Chain Amino Acids is best, forget the rest. Timed right, they can give your body what it needs for quick uptake, regeneration and recuperation. There you have it in two sentences - without having to read a 4 PAGE ADVERTISEMENT in a bodybuilding magazine that you thought was an article, but it turned out to just be an advertisement selling you 'miracle' supplements.

Best Bodybuilding Books For Muscle Bears

Any Muscle Bear worth his weight knows that you have to equally build your brain to get your brawn. Even the most dedicated gym rat Bears using only their instincts will eventually hit plateaus in muscle gains or waste hours and hours of their life with relentless, sub-optimal weight-training techniques.

I’ve had the cheap luxury of a great second-hand store in the neighborhood with an extensive collection of used health books that has allowed me snag dozens and dozens of fitness, exercise, nutritional guidance, weight training and some of the best bodybuilding books for only a buck or two apiece over the years. I kept the best, donated the rest, and learned a lot of things a Muscle Bear needs for a lifetime of knowledge they can apply at the gym every day.

If I was stranded on a deserted island with only 3 of the best books for bodybuilding it’d be an easy choice:

Detailed Muscle Illustrations

Frederic Delavier

Bodybuilding Encyclopedia

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilding A-Z Reference

Robert Kennedy - BodySpace


The folks at have one hell of a mega-site of interest to anyone who works out - as well as a great set of Forums and Profiles. So I spent some time there today - STARTING OVER with a clean slate, starting a BeefPieBear profile and blog there. They’ve got some good tools to track your weight-training progress and weight-loss/gain, goal setting and benchmarking. It really is just a great website worth bookmarking and spending time at.