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Split-Routines Last-Chance Beef-Up Workout

BeefPieBear is heading back home to the backwoods soon - and in the final stretch before departure - is pushing his physiology to the MAX with a Split, Triatholon exercise routine that is either gonna tighten and tone, build and bulk in the next two weeks... Or... I'll end up a quivering blob from over-training.

I signed up for a short membership at Gold's Gym for my final days. Perhaps there's some Big Beefy Burly Massive Hairy Ginormous MuscleBears here in town that I've missed! And I do wanna see what I've been missing - Gold's has such a different mixed crowd and kharma than my usual set of BeefPies at World Gym. Oh, but it's more than just about men, Men, MEN!!! For anyone who's been exercising at all, you know how the routine of routine can numb you. Alternating or switching gyms is good for the mind AND body - and if you're single - maybe it can beef-up your romantic life too.

So here's to my last few weeks in California: I'm loving the way the different weight-machines shake-up, wake-up my body to do things just a little bit different, to call into play muscles that were slightly neglected. I'm doing Gold's in the morning. Swimming my laps in the apartment pool in the afternoons. Then, after carbs and a nap - it's back to World Gym to push my body that extra notch further where it needs to go. Time's running out. It'll be hard to be as active and fit back home. Last chance.