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Lucas Parker - The CrossFit Speedo Bear Cub

Seriously, I’m not one for fawning over celebrities or athletes like some do. Our pop media and multi-million dollar sports culture loves to create Icons and Hero’s fur us to worship. They’re just modern day gladiators that far to many of us sit at The Coliseum Of The Couch and guzzle beer and munch chips - watching TV sports in passive obesity while our hero does all the heavy work - and symbolizes the fittest of our tribe. That said, I do appreciate a Bear In A Speedo as much as the next perv. Especially little Stub-Cubs like Lucas Parker -- that 5’ 7” twenty-something little furball of feisty fitness in Canada’s West Crossfit games division.

That boy does it all: Run, jump, lug, lift, toss, tumble, swim, bike, flip, flop, haul,hoist, hang, pull, tug -- You name it, Lucas Parker does it. He did well in 2012’s Rebok CrossFit standings. Not bad for a ‘lil hairy-backed young’un of a lug-nut… Can’t wait to see how this little MuscleBear performs in the 2013 cross-fit season.