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Holiday and Any-Day Gifts For Gay Men : Muscle Bear Version

What if Mr. Claus came all year 'round -- And under that red Santa suit - there was a Beefy, Burly, Bodybuilding Grizz Daddy Top in a wrestling singlet strong-arming you and pinning you down to nail your tail asking: 'And what do YOU want for Christmas, little boy? Huh?!?' Well you'd better have an answer. Here's some gift suggestions for Gay men with muscle ready to fight back:

Muscle Boys - Gay Gym Culture - If there's some brains behind the Bear brawn, some depth beneath the Muscle Bear - This is a great read for grokking Gay Physical Culture that we all get drug into whether we realize it, want to, or not - In and out of the gym.

Men's Grooming Kit - A beefy selection of Paw 'N' Jaw, Hack 'N' Whack shaving and grooming tools for men - all in a zippered travel kit.

Grizzly Paws Lifting Gloves - Grizzly makes a line of fitness gear for Power Lifters and Beefy Boyz. Perfect for slaves to bear-branded Brand Fashion.

Gorilla Suit - Gay bodybuilder Bob Paris writes his long road to winning Mr. Olympia in the 80's and Coming Out afterwards - in a rather Straight business of fit chicks with boobs clinging to biceps. 30 years later - it's STILL a great read for any Gay weight-lifter or body-building Bear wanna-be.

Muscular Development - Save yourself some big Bear Bucks subscribing to Muscular Development magazine. The newsstand price is staggering, especially considering how many Supplement Ads you gotta wade thru to get to the actual articles. I'm just saying if you were stranded on a desert island with a #270 Body Building Bear - this would be THE BEEF-UP MAG he'd subscribe to, NOT Men's Fitness.