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Gay Bear Fashion Trends : At The Gym - Bar - And Beyond

Gay Fashion For Bear Men
Hmmm. What's hot on the Gay fashion scene for Bears these days? Has Gay Bear fashion really changed much over the past decade or two? It could be argued that our Gay, hyper-sexualized homoerotic culture has a tendency to go after the same old butch and hard workin' man looks that have served us well as men in general over the past century.

Whether its vintage or modern work wear, Blue Collar fashion is still in fashion. Blue and brown twill slacks, work shirts and perma-press fabrics highly reminiscent of the beefy-handed electrician or plumber, or the slightly more upscale and crisp look of a UPS, FedEx delivery guy. And let's not forget that big and bearded hairy Bus Driver: The one who keeps glancing up and looking at me in his mirror wearing his sky blue shirt and with the crisp center seam on those navy twill shorts that draw attention to his thick, hairy bare legs.

Gay Lumberjack Fashion

Timeless and Enduring: Brown 'shit-kicker' boots. Jeans - or even better yet jean or camo BDU shorts exposing hairy Bear thighs and thick, muscular calves. And of course, the cut-off sleeveless 'Bubba Shirt' is my favorite fashion staple, ideally unbottoned in the front to Bare-The-Bear and show off that hairy chest and belly.

Biker Bear Fashion

Bushy, full and sometimes braided beards make the Bear biker look with grungy Men's tees that make a statement with F-You declarations of freedom to ride, rumble and party. Grungy, fithy un-washed not pre-washed or stone-washed faux worn jeans. Dirty, greasy, naturally filthy biker jeans - but with a leather vest to add a gentlemanly air of class defines Rough Ridin' Mens Biker Gear. A skull-cap and Mirrored sunglasses that keep you guessing which part of you he's hungry for.

Gay Cowboy Fashion

With their crisp pearly-snap western shirts, tight-tight Levi, Lee and Wrangler boot-cut jeans (and pointy-tip boots to match) you'll see a higher-notch of Gay fashion on display with Rope 'Em, Ride 'Em Western Apparel. Tooled leather belts with big, oversized buckles under Big Bubba Bear bellies draw attention to what's below the belt doesn't hurt. Accessorize with a western style bolo tie - no, not to wrap around your balls - for your neck, Hoss…

Gay Gym Fashion

This definitely is the hotbed of current fashion trends too. Oh there's always the Classic burly powerlifter in his mid-top boots and thick sweat socks that I will always love. A firm, prominent belly with an outie belly-button and prominent big meaty nipples are often tightly wrapped in a tight, white tank-top tee. Just timeless. But I'm seeing alot of guys at the gym with the latest fashion trend of bright, bright florescent colored sneakers and hi-tops in glowing saturated hues brighter than the human eye has ever seen before.

Locker Room Bare Wear

After the sweaty, grunting workout, it's time to un-dress for success! I can't help but notice Under Bear fashion as men disrobe - the Bear in a jockstrap is making a comeback - but not in the sturdy, traditional white jockstrap your daddy used to wear. Nasty Pig apparel and their more colorful line of popular clothing with the striped and colorful Bear jocks is being seen with incresing frequency. So suppliment that retro Duke or Safe-T-Guard athletic supporter and pack your package into more modern boner-guard gear to clad that furry rump this fashion season.

Bear Fashion Poolside

Oh, don't even get me started talking about fashionable hairy men in Speedo swimwear. I've already blogged about that here, here, and on BeefPieBear Industries highly LIKE-able SpeedoBears FaceBook FanPage. Slap on a pair of wrap-around sunglasses, let the Speedo drawstrings sluttily hang out, and rock your Speedo Bear bulge in confidence.

Urban Bear Wear

I's worth mentioning the continued popularity of Urban Wear fashions for Gay Hipster cubber-dubbers and young'uns. Detailed and intricate swirly, winged patterns on shirts and pants pockets define Urban Wear. Often blinged-out with shiny silver micro-studs or glittery sparkle and eye-catching but focused hints of color seem to resonate with the younger Bear crowd. A style trend with surprising staying power that's yet to look dated.

Daddy Bear Corporate Style

From Wall Street to a handjob in a stall at the businessmen's club after drinks, here's to Bear Dad fashion in a 3-Piece that's serious and professional. Ya gotta love a hairy Bear neck wrapped in a crisply starched dress shirt, and that expensive, striped silk tie has sooooo many pig-play uses. Hear the 'klack!' of his cufflinks on the dresser as he disrobes, the sweaty smell of polished wing tip shoes… as he drops his slacks and bulges in his boxer shorts… High-Ball fashion of the Business Bear at its best when you help the old man take a load off after a hard day's work.

Image Credit: Tobias Waterman - Cute Little Blokes