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Gay Bear Video Chat - Big Muscle Webcam Action

If you're like the majority of Geeky Bears, you own a laptop computer and are likely frustrated by its built-in webcam for adult Bear video chat. The viewing angles of webcams built into a laptop display are so limited, you really can't easily show off your best assets and still see what's happening with the lid tilted and angled down! So, for the best Gay Bear webcam chat experience, you really want an external Mac or PC web camera that gives you the freedom to position the web cam at any angle you want with ease.

Ideally you want a quality external USB webcam that has an optional standard camera tripod mount. Of these recommended HD webcam for Mac or PC options, a Logitech C615 or C920 with tripod mount are excellent choices for high-definition, razor-sharp images of fur, flesh and muscle. They also have exceptional light sensitivity and color balance that really cheap web cameras just don't have.

For personal 1-on-1 video chat a Desktop Mini Webcam Tripod comes in really handy. If you and a Beefy Bear buddy like to do group webcam action scenes, a standard floor standing tripod might be best for stable webcam positioning.

Yes, there's lots of options for 1:1 video chat with MuscleBears you may already know using Skype, FaceBook, Google Chat, etc., but it's nice to be able to find a COMMUNITY of like minded Gay Muscle Bears and Bears to browse and play with.

Many Bear chat sites offer the ability to record video clips, grab a webcam snapshot or engage in one-on-one Bear video chat using your web browser. Most of these use the Adobe Flash Video Plug-In to set up your web camera and microphone. is the singularly best site for its group webcam chat room with other Gay Muscle Bears - as well as being a great MuscleBear online community and profile site in general.,, are others you might want to explore. And of course, there's always for exhibitionistic Bear men who want to capture, upload and show the world video clips of what they're into.

There's also standalone video conferencing apps for Mac OSX or Windows: One of my favorites is ISPQ Video Chat which works well cross platform. What I like about ISPQ is that it has a Gay Bears and Daddies community built in to easily find other Bear men to chat and webcam with. Another is Camfrog which has a huge community across the globe and it's easy enough to find Gay / Bear / Muscle chat rooms to join.