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Is Rummelsnuff Gay? MuscleBull Wrestling Video - Ringen

Uber-Hot is the only words to describe German musician and lyricist's 'RINGEN' music video as he and a fellow MuscleBull take to the grappling mat with foreskins swinging both in - and out - of tight Lycra Wrestling Briefs.

That said, Rummelsnuff's (ahem) vocal style is decidedly an acquired taste - ideal if you have a fetish for beefy, muscled German men barking and growling at you about your favorite wrestling fantasy. Take a look at Rummelsnuff's complete discocgraphy to see he's worked as hard at time spent in the recording studio as he has at a gym.

For a rough translation of the butch and manly-man lyrics that accompany this musical wrestling video, I went to Bing Translator and did a German to English conversion of the lyrics for 'Ringen' and found a touchingly romantic tale of men, homoerotic wrestling, and their love for the fight…

You are a man, I'm a man,
Both of equal weight.
Speed ​​and strength
Are ready for fighting duty.

You are a man, I man,
Both our skin itches.
To wrestle on the mat now,
To fight, but quickly.

We fast before!
The force has both arms now packed.
Bursting with muscles, firm in the state
So chiseled that it cracks!

My neck stuck between your legs
And nothing moves more.
Put your head in a headlock.
Now it is time for you.

Body to body
The pulse quickens.
Our breathing hard and deep!
Instinct and strength, courage and spirit
Called us to fight ...
Called us to fight!

Hard I have you in my grasp,
I will not let you go.
To air we struggle for victory,
And the revenge is pending.

My heart is drumming in your ear
In beats like music.
My heart beat is blaring in your brain,
As long as you are lying down.

The sweat runs down in streams,
This makes grasping difficult!
The victory is near, the victory is mine;
I will not let go!

Beast for beast-
The pulse rockets.
The breathing hard and deep!
Instinct and strength, courage and spirit
Called us to fight ...
Called us to fight!

In the truest sense of the words
A fight welds us together.
No pain scares us, no grip hurts us.
What proves fighting spirit.

Wrestling Bears - In Speedos - Gauna Bear Art

BEARS IN SPEEDOS - They're not just for swimming anymore.

Here, artist and illustrator GaunaBe@rt from Buenos Aires Argentina shows how a colorful assortment of men's Speedo briefs can be used by nearly nekkid hairy wrasslin' men just before a Body-Slam or performing a 'Who's Your Hairy Daddy - Huh Boy?' Full-Nelson. Although there are specialized men's wrestler briefs made just for Gay Bear wrestling, you can always use a Speedo in a pinch for your Roman-style take-downs.

Check out his other worksby Gauna Bear Art at his Blogger or FaceBook page for other samples of his Speedo Bear, MENS WRESTLING SINGLET and classic RUGBY BEAR WEAR illustrations. Great stuff!