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Kettlebell Bodybuilding Workout For Muscle Bears

Bodybuilding With Kettlebells
Here is a great initial set of the five key kettlebell bodybuilding workout movements that virtually any MuscleBear or Bear Powerlifter should try for a great muscle building workout session. There is just something about kettlebell lifting that can build your beefy Bear bod and muscles in ways which typical dumbbell and barbell lifts don't. You may also find that committed kettlebell training is uniquely beneficial to for developing highly defined upper arms and shoulders - as well as forearm definition and wrist muscle size in particular. The 5 kettlebell bodybuilding movements listed below are a great workout as-is and can help form the foundation of your kettlebell training and muscle routine. But there are many other variants and exercises you can and should explore.

Types Of Kettlebells : Coated vs Uncoated vs Contoured
Your choice of which type of kettlebell to buy might simply be personal preference - or involve other practical factors. For some, Coated Kettlebells are easier on flooring and (when used in pairs) can minimize of of the klick-klack noise during a workout.

Others prefer the raw look and klinking sound of classic Cast Iron Kettlebells.

Lastly, a unique option is both a contoured and coated kettlebell that can be a bit more forearm friendly with it's specialized design:

GoFit KettleBell

Coated and Contoured

KettleBell Workout Protection
Wrist protection is smart for any kettlebell novice, and even for experienced users. Regardless if you're forearms are thin and bony or thick and meaty, until you truly master the nuances of kettlebell handling, you'll want to prevent them from getting bunged-up or bruised from many of the movements that involve a a flip of the weight onto the forearms. Kettlebell Wrist Guards with semi-rigid inserts to diffuse the impacts are the preferred choice. Alternately, double-wide terry-cloth athletic wristbands 4" to 6" wide and ideally with triple layers of fabric can provide more affordable forearm protection during your workout.

Kettlebell Swing
A classic initial warm up move, kettlebell swings stimulate the cardiovascular system while strengthening your legs and particularly, your core. To execute kettlebell swing, stand about two feet in front of the kettlebell. Bend at the waist and knees while maintaining a straight back as you reach forward grasping the handle. Lift the kettlebell out and upward steadily, letting it swing between your legs as you pop your hips forward and raise the kettlebell in front of your body. Continue to swing the bell down and back between your legs - then forward with pendulum motion. While you swing it forward, draw in your glutes, quads and abs forcefully. At this point you should exhale. Don't arch your back or use your arms or shoulders to advance the kettlebell, the key driver of momentum should emanate from the trust of your hips.

Kettlebell Deadlift
The deadlift works the glutes, quadriceps, hamstring muscle and erector spinal back muscles. To execute the kettlebell deadlift, straddle a kettlebell with feet a little wider than shoulder width. Lower your body slowly and gradually by bending your knees and grasp the handle of the bell with your hands side by side. Try to keep your eyes looking straight ahead and the angle of your back straight. Breathe deeply, then stand up in a steady movement, ending with a forceful exhalation and simultaneous contraction of your thighs, buttocks, and abs. Slowly and gradually lower the kettlebell to the floor, then repeat to complete the set.

Front Kettlebell Squats
Frontal squats with kettlebells predominantly beef-up your thighs, quads and gluteus muscles. Squats are preferably performed with twin kettlebells of equal weight. If you do not have an exact matching pair, you can trade and alternate sides between sets, or use the marginally weightier kettlebell in your non-dominant hand to improve it's strength. Or, you can perform a Goblet squat with a single kettlebell held centered on your upper chest. Standing with your feet in a fairly wide position, pick up the set of kettlebells from the floor and flip the balls out, up, and over so they are resting on the outer forearms at shoulder height, with elbows and arms flared out to the sides. Slowly lower your body until your upper legs are 90 degrees parallel, then stand back up pushing through your heels.

Kettlebell Snatch
The snatch is a combo power move involving a one arm kettlebell swing and also military press. To commence this exercise, begin in the same position as with the swing and position one hand on the kettlebell. Carefully lift it off the floor, let it swing back between your legs and then vigorously lift it straight over your head. As you do this, flip the bell over to the back of your forearm and try to keep your arm straight as possible. Pause at the top, then swing and flip the bell back down between your legs, repeat for a full set of reps, then switch sides.

Military Kettlebell Clean And Press
The military press using kettlebells works both your core and shoulders in unison. Get into the very same starting point as the deadlift, reach down and grasp the kettlebell using your right hand. Meticulously lift it from the floor, flip it over so the ball portion rests upon the back of your forearm and tuck the arm into the front of your body. This is called the 'rack position' and executing that movement is called a 'clean'. The kettlebell should now be at upper chest height. Bending your knees slightly, stand up straight as you push the kettlebell directly overhead. While you do so, powerfully contract your abdominals, rump, and quadriceps for an entire second, lower the kettlebell to your chest at the rack position, and then repeat. After accomplishing a set of reps, change sides.

How To Become A Muscle Bear - MuscleBear Wannabe FAQ

Muscle Bear Powerlifter
So, you want to be a Muscle Bear? Perhaps you are just starting out and want to know what it's going to take to become a big and beefy muscular Bear of a man. If you're a young Cub, or even an aging Daddy Bear who's gotten out of shape, it's never too early or late to start integrating fitness into your daily life.

Assuming you already have a basic, Bearish body, there's more you can do to refine, shape and build a hairy muscular Bear build to become a beefy MuscleBear of more solid proportions. If you already are a Buff Bear, you can become even more muscular, defined and solid.

Set Muscular Development Goals

Becoming a big Muscle Bear takes time - and a lot of effort at the gym. Set a realistic goal of turning into a Muscle Bear over a reasonable time frame. If you're really out of condition, expect to spend the first 30 days in "Muscle Bear Boot-Camp" mode retraining your basic physiology before you'll truly be able to start packing on serious muscle mass.

Hair Makes The Bear - Stop Unnecessary Shaving and Manscaping

What's a Muscle Bear without lots of body hair - or at least a decent beard or set of whiskers? If you've been leaning too heavily on the hair-clippers, beard trimmers and male body groomers, its time to back off. Let your beard fill out, get your chest or back hair back and stop whacking-off so often 'down there'. In the initial stages of turning into a Muscle Bear, grow back to your natural hirsiute state. In later phases of your muscular Bear development, you'll refine groom and style your look to be meaner, hotter, tougher and buffer.

Measure Your Muscles, Bear

Get a tailor's flexible tape measure. (Don't be Butch Bear and try using the metal one from your toolbox!) Using a men's physique and muscle measuring guide, get accurate measurements of your body for future reference on tracking your changes. Setting up an account and profile on a Gay men's fitness site like or can make measurement tracking easier.

Beef-Up Your Bear Brain With Fitness Books

Build a Muscle Bear Bodybuilding book library from some of the recommended fitness, weight-training and bodybuilding titles from best-selling selections that have stood the test of time. A good grasp on a Bear man's anatomy and musculature is critical for targeting muscle groups for rapid mass and size development effectively. The more you know, the more efficiently you'll grow in to the big, burly, beefy Bear you want to be.

Get A Grip On Your Pie-Hole, Fat Boy

It's no secret that most big Bear men are carrying around and extra 10, 40, or 100 unneeded and unwanted pounds of nothing but fat, fat, fat. If you want to become a MuscleBear, you're going to need to start trading in that fat for beefy muscle mass. And that means permanent and lifelong dietary changes to stop shoving crap mindlessly into your pie-hole in front of the TV or your computer, and start feeding your Bear body with clean, lean and healthy stuff instead.

Gear Up! Shop Some Hot Bear-Wear Workout Apparel and Gear

Becoming a buff Muscle Bear isn't just a physical routine. It's a look, an image, a built and burly persona you'll wear 24x7. You're going to need proper gym Bear wear attire and sporting goods for your time at the gym.

Join A Gym Where Gay Muscle Bears Hang-Out

Many find watching other big, hairy Bear men working out to be inspirational to say the least… Find a good local gym where a nice selection of beefy, hairy MuscleBears workout. Hit up on them, make friends and Bear workout partners to keep you motivated and on-track. And don't forget - Quality time spent undressing in the locker-room and showering with other MuscleBears is part of complete benefit package that comes with trying to be a MuscleBear yourself.

Set A Muscle Bear Workout Schedule - Commit To Fit

Few of us have the luxury to make being a MuscleBear a full-time job. We have other life commitments to work, partners and friends. But time spent weight-lifting has GOT to be allocated and adhered to 3 to 6 times a week, for 1-2 hours needs to happen, like clockwork. Make your Bear beef-up commitment and prioritize it in your life.

Push Your Bear Body - Or Pay A Personal Trainer To

If you really want to transform into a leaner, meaner, buff and beefy Muscle Bear - you're going to have to hit the weights hard, perform the exercises effectively, and push your muscles to absolute failure on the last reps of every exercise. For some, hiring a certified personal trainer is a smart investment starting on the road to Muscle Beardom. Locally, both John and more recently Ted have bossed my muscles around to great benefit.

Get Adequate Rest - Sleep With Other MuscleBears

Did you know your Bear muscle growth occurs mostly when you sleep - not during your weight-lifting workouts? Get plenty of rest, preferably by sleeping with other Muscle Bears whenever possible. You'll learn so much about -- well, a lot of things: Men's anatomy and physiology, the wide range of male body hair distribution patterns, the color and texture of various beards, goatees and body fur, learn the subtleties of extreme moments of muscular tension and flexibility, and the effects of the male hormone testosterone on both sexual and muscular response. Until you've had a muscular Bear man on top, pinning you down into hopeless submission, or exercising your skills at full-body contact sports in bed, you just won't fully appreciate how worthwhile your efforts to become a Muscle Bear can truly be!

Get Thicker Legs - A Big Beefy Butt - Meaty Thighs

Thick Legged Muscle Bear
A Muscle Bear’s glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings are the largest muscle bundles in a man’s body. They burn a remarkable number of calories while - and after they're being trained. Those squats, lunges, leg presses and deadlift sets take a significant energy toll on the whole body, yet yield great muscle mass-building results for the long haul. Because one's body works systemically, those demanding leg training sessions will contribute to a rapid increase in both muscle mass and in elevating your body's resting metabolic rate. The burn from hard-core leg training lasts long, long after the workout is finished.

Ham-Hock, you are sitting on your body's best fat-fighting resource: Your rump's gluteus muscles and upper legs are the two major body parts that incorporate the largest muscle groups on the human skeleton. These large muscle masses respond rapidly and well to weight-training: If you feel you haven't been making significant muscular development gains lately, re-focusing on leg training hard and heavy can deliver rapid, visible results.

For the most rapid gains in lean MuscleBear mass, you can’t avoid heavy leg training. The ability for muscular growth and transformations that leg training offers a muscular Bear’s whole body is simply too good to pass up. One doesn't need expensive gym equipment to pack on significant leg muscle. You can get thick, beefy legs with affordable muscle building equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells or performing bodyweight exercises. The exercise focus should be on doing squats, leg presses, dead-lifts and lunges until your legs feel like rubbery noodles.

Get thick calves with some very, VERY high rep Calf Raises. Do both standing and bent-over straddle raises - the latter get more hamstring involvement. Constantly mix-up and vary your Calf Raise with everted and inverted foot positions to target development of the inner and outer edges of the gastrocnemius muscles. Our Bear bod’s calves are used to toting around out bodyweight day in an out, so you really have to torture your calves above and beyond the normal to get them to respond and grow.

A simple, biweekly training regimen is to split your legs into front and rear. One day, train the muscle in front of your legs, then alternately train the muscle on the back side of your legs and calves. If you are looking for a well-defined, beefy, muscular backside, perfect your lunge movements. The bulk of your exercises should be classic, free-standing Powerlifting type moves with a barbell. However, Lying Leg Curl, Seated Leg Extension and Hack Squat machines should be part of the mix too. Try this leg training combo for 6 to 8 weeks then mix your routine. Any number of top-selling bodybuilding books can assist in becoming familiar with the proper way to perform the core leg exercises and familiarize you with the big muscles involved.

MuscleBear Beef-Up : Wendler Workout vs Westside Barbell Routine

Wendler 5/3/1 Basic Big Muscle Workout
If you’re serious about transforming yourself into a big Muscular Bear, you need to either start your weight training hard and heavy or change-up your current workout routine. With a Back To The Basics and very focused core Mesocycle muscle building phase you can pack on a measurable amount of muscle mass in a short period of time. HIT - H.I.T - H.I.I.T. - whatever you call it - High Intensity Interval Training that focuses on the largest muscle groups in your body is the way to alter your calorie burning Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) and start trading pounds of fat for pounds of muscle.

In my quest to transform into a Muscle Bear, I’ve made dissappointingly slow but steady gains using a conventional split weight training routine. But even with a systematic approach to alternately training legs, back, arms, chest, etc. on alternate days, it seemed rather scatter-shot and lacking focus. Split Routines are common for most weight trainees and bodybuilders, and allow you to work out 5 or more days a week while still allowing various muscle groups to recover while you’re building up the others. For a lot of fit Bear men, daily exercise is simply part of a ‘Fit For Life’ mantra and it can be hard to actually take days off and really do NOTHING to allow your body, metabolism and nervous system to truly rest and recover like it needs to.

It was a challenge, but I decided if I was really going to take my quasi-muscular Bear physique to the next level, I needed to Stop. Rethink. And Re-Focus on basic core exercises in a Mesocyle. I’d lost the Bear belly, started seeing real muscle definition, but kept losing weight. Clearly I was losing more fat, but not trading it pound for pound with new muscle.

A MuscleBear workout of Classic HIT Training focusing on only my largest muscle groups, done in combination sets of opposing muscle groups helped me gain more lean muscle mass in 6 weeks than I had in the previous six months. A big part of that was reading up on two very popular Mesocycle programs: The WESTSIDE BARBELL WORKOUT and the WENDLER 5 3 1 RESULTS-oriented methods favored by Muscle Bear bodybuilders or Powerlifting Muscle Bears who are dead serious about achieving rapid muscle mass and strength gains.

Most of these Wendler and Westside Barbell inspired routines were modified to include free-weight barbell and dumbbell combinations such as bench presses alternated with bent-over barbell rows, shrugs with overhead presses, bicep curls alternated with tricep extensions, etc. I really stayed focused on free weights and only allowed myself to use machines to substitute for a few critical H.I.T. moves. Because of sacral and lower lumbar issues, a variety of leg press and hack squat machines helped me minimize the issues that strict form in free-standing barbell squats demands. And it’s just hard to substitute the unique muscle building qualities that the standing or lying leg curl and leg extension Cybex, Nautilus or Hammar Strength machines can bring to beef-up and define your quads, hamstrings and glutes. Both the Westside Barbell program and Wendler Training Method incorporate the option for varied supplemental exercises to balance out their core-training lifts.

Keeping in mind the six largest muscle groups of the body, I really kept myself critically aware of a few things: A Bear’s triceps are generally twice as large as biceps, so I made sure to pump and burn the back of my arms more consciously. That my leg workouts needed to become much heavier and painful to shock my muscles and metabolism into serious mass building mode. Ditto for dumbbell shrugs to add the visual mass that well-developed trapezius muscles add to an imposing physique. And for a thick, strong back, I had to load up and grind out more bent-over and barbell rows.

KettleBell Bear - Basic KettleBell Exercises

Muscle Bear Kettlebell Workout
Recently our decidedly fabulous World Gym in Palm Springs got a set of classic, round cast-iron kettlebells and a rack that I’ve been dying to try out. Not too many other guys at the gym, let alone any of the A-List Muscle Bears seem too interested in becoming Kettlebell Bears - which is unfortunate. It’s also unfortunate that it’s only a single rack of 9 kettlebells of varying weights from 10-50 pounds. Some of the best kettlebell exercises require a matched pair of equally weighted bells for each hand.

The benefits of kettlebell training are well known: All the moves are compound exercises that affect multiple body parts. As with free weight training with dumbbells, supporting muscle groups are called into place to stabilize the movements. Kettlebell exercises also are great for cardiovascular endurance.

I’ve been researching the most popular and basic kettlebell exercises and watching some of the best videos of kettlebell routines. There’s a lot for a novice to learn, practice, and get down cold before attempting some of the more advanced kettlebell workout moves. I’ve also been considering getting a kettlebell or two for home workouts. In particular, coated kettlebells that protect hard floor surfaces, and are contoured like the one featured below. That can spare your forearms from getting bunged-up as you perform movements that involve overhand flip movements overhead or at the chest.

The 5 Basic Kettlebell Routines I’m working on:

Kettlebell Swing, Kettlebell Clean and Press, Kettlebell Snatch, Kettlebell Deadlift, Kettlebell Front Squats

Coated and Contoured Kettlebell

With Bob Harper Training DVD

Lastly, from my limited trial workouts, it’s really, really smart to have good gonad and scrotum support while performing the kettlebell circuit. I highly recommend a snug, well fitting jockstrap, such as any of the Nasty Pig Jock Straps to keep your balls intact through the rather ballistic, pelvic thrust movements that are the mainstay of kettlebell training routines.

Whos UR Daddy? : GymBoss - Best Interval Trainer

Maybe you need to be BOSSED AROUND: Told what to do, when to do it, how long to do it, Huh boy? Maybe you really do need to be trained -- Steady and regular, over and over, hard and fast -- till you get it right.

GymBoss Interval Timer

Imposing Discipline You Lack

Well, who needs a burly, well-built stallion barking orders at your sorry, lame, pansy-ass like a tough Marine Drill Sargeant with a cigar stuffed in his muzzle and a dirty, rough-treaded leather boot pinning you down -- when you can be gently coaxed into doing it digitally with all the sheer force and brute dominating power it's batteries can muster. Now DROP AND GIVE ME TWO!... minutes of whatever you can muster. And then another two, if you're man enough. Rinse, Lather, Repeat yourself into a grueling sweat - with a GymBoss.

BeefPieBears 10-Second Erection Perfection Workout

They say a picture is worth a THOUSAND words. And that RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Well, as you can see below using my revolutionary POSTURE PERFECT ERECTION PERFECTION METHOD...

I transformed myself from a drooping, flaccid, pathetically limp status to full, erect hardness in seconds.

With my revised 10-Second "ERECTION PERFECTION Workout Routine -- Even YOU can achieve results like this without grueling workouts and heavy weights. If you would like tho share the results of YOUR own 'Posture Perfect Erection Perfection' success leave a comment and we'll make arrangements to share YOUR Before-And-After erection pics for all the world to see.

DOMS : Delayed Onset Muscle-Bear Soreness

Well that didn’t take long: 14 days into BeefPie’s Back-In-California Fit-Camp Boot-Camp Rehab - B.P.’s physiology threw a tantrum. 10-minute swims morning noon and night, 10-minute each bike, elliptical, treadmill triathalon aerobic workouts, 1 hour “Coreture” (Core Torture) classes - oh and the odd moments of resuming weight-training all hit a crescendo of groaning and whining, leg cramps, and neurological jitters - all symptoms of Classic Over-Training. A day of uh, re-evaluation seems in order. I need salty, buttered noodles and a long, long nap.

30 Day Beef-Up 4 Palm Springs Gay Pride

OH CRAP!!! OK, I’ll be honest: BeefPieBear’s first 30-day round of Fabulous Fitness Workout-Routines using the 10 Minute Muscle-Miracle(tm) work-outs just didn’t quite totally, utterly, completely, transform me into a big, giant, massive slab of BEEFY MAN-I-MAL.

OH GAWD!!! PALM SPRINGS GAY PRIDE WEEKEND is EXACTLY 30-Days away and not only do I have to get GORGEOUS F.A.S.T. -- Schit, I have to get my act together AND pack up my cabin AND drive across country AND get to Palm Springs AND get an apartment AND....

Get. My. Ass. Back. To. The. Gym.

Drop And Give Me Ten... Minute Workouts

Who needs a tough, cigar-chewing Marine Drill-Sargeant barking orders at your pansy-ass? Well, we all do. But until we find one -- Set your SPORTS TIMER to 10 big-muscle minutes - and simply do ten-minutes of fitness maneouvers with hell-bent FOCUS. It doesn’t matter what: Stretch-It, Crunch-It, Walk-It, Lift-It, Pose-It! All it takes is 10 MINUTE FITNESS, several times a day.

Shave it! Show it! Grow it!

Ok, in Season 2 of Eye On Beefpie - BP starts walking the talk and the Muscle Makeover Challenge begins! So in the first 3 episodes, BeefPieBear preps and SHAVES that gnarly muzzle of his, strips down to the bear essentials, and starts packing on the Meaty-Bones.

Tipping the BATHROOM SCALE at a buck-naked 6’ 220 pounds - BP realizes two things: He has too much fat - and not enough muscle. And that a BODY FAT TESTER would have some rather harsh realities to tell him, and that a BODY TAPE MEASURE would probably agree.

At this point, I’ll trade Five for Five and set a realistic goal: Trade 5 pounds (or more) of body-fat for 5 big burly beefy pound-your-head-in tough raw meaty muscle gain -- before I return to California.

Goal Setting: From 58% to 100% BEEF

Life-time fitness starts - or RE-starts for me anyways - with 10 - 3x5 index-cards and a Sharpie. 10 goals that aren’t just vauge notions. Ten realistic, actionable goals with time-frames clearly stated: “I will take timer with me and before breakfast, I will start each morning with a 20 minute walk.” Oh crap! I just wanna drink coffee and smoke cigarettes and check my e-mail before having a greasy, salty breakfast! This old dog needs some new tricks...