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Building Muscle Over 50 : Aging MuscleBear Daddy Wannabe Hell

Muscle Building After 50 Hurts
If you thought packing on huge slabs of thick, massive muscle was hard work, try doing it after you're 50. Hell, try getting and remaining fit after 55. There's a whole confluence of things that happen to an aging Daddy Bear that conspires against the best of intentions. If you're like me and were late to the game, suddenly deciding that you're going to get in shape, commit to fitness and pack on big muscle mass by the time you're 50 years old -- You're in for a hard uphill, over-the-hill battle.

The desire to become a Beefy, graciously aging MuscleBear Daddy wannabe can be a tortuous hell -- particularly if you're not genetically inclined to: 1. HAVE muscles in the first place, 2. Easily ADD muscle mass from basic weight training, and 3. Steadily PROGRESS with your weight lifting regimen -- the best you'll be able to do is HOLD YOUR GROUND and prevent the loss of muscle mass thats a sadly normal part of getting older regardless. Testosterone Replacement Therapy - TRT does help building muscle in your 50's and beyond. But it becomes a bit of a trap because if you stop, you'll find you soften and lose your hard-earned hard muscle gains with alarming speed.

An aging Bear basically has to workout just as hard as ever, much more cautiously and carefully, with slowly degrading joints and ligaments conspiring against you. Weight training and muscle building over 55 often means dropping your poundages, performing lifts with precision and safety, and knowing your limitations.

MuscleBulls vs MuscleBears : LugNuts vs MeatHeads

Muscle Bull Strongman
They really are a different breed, you know. In the Bears vs Bulls stage out on the gym floor, the differing weight lifting and training styles of Gay MuscleBull men vs The MuscleBear Meat Heads plays out. When you study the genetic composition of these two disparate body somatotypes, it often boils down to the Endo-Meso hybrid (Lugnuts) vs the pure Meso or Meso-Endo types (Meatheads).


The thick-boned and well-padded Endomorphic-leaning MuscleBulls chow-down (up?!) in bulk to bulk up a heavy-set olympic Powerlifting frame ideal shoving uber-heavy sets of weights around. They never were predisposed to stripping down to lean, detailed, sculpted and striated muscle mass any ways. So they go for what's attainable: Lugging, dragging, shoving, hefting ridiculously heavy objects like #300 concrete balls and whatnot for sport -- ala the Strong Man Games.


Ah, but your lean and beefy Mesomorphic-leaning 'Classic' MuscleBears - now that's a different stripe. They may go hard and heavy with the weights too, but like their diet it's far more controlled and geared for exacting precision. "Make _that_ muscle _here_ separate _here_, and bring it's size to _this_ and it's curve to _there_." The diet that feeds the Meat-Head Bear muscle machine is intrinsically different 'cuz sheer-BULK isn't the point.

All in all, two very differently composed physical types and patterns of body-fat distribution: Both inherently very muscular. But form follows function. Heavy set guys like MuscleBulls seem happiest doing what their bodies were designed for: Heavy Lifting, like oxen hooked to a plow.

Image Credit: Unknown - From a bygone era where wearing a Fig Leaf for support pre-dated the invention of the Jock-Strap.

CrossFit Games Muscle Bear - Lucas Parker

Lucas Parker at 2013 CrossFit Games
The 2013 CrossFit Games sponsored by Reebok was in progress this past week; a great opportunity to see 'The Fittest On Earth' compete in a tortuous range of strength, agility and endurance exercises of every sort. The activities and events aren't announced until a day or two prior to the competition -- requiring the athletes to be ready for ANY and EVERY physical challenge they might come up with.

Many of the CrossFit challenges are back to back exercise sequences involving both conventional weight and powerlifting moves, bodyweight plyometrics, swimming, running -- and lugging, pushing, pulling, and dragging some rather unconventional and usually very heavy objects just to keep things interesting. That's the nature of CrossFit: A constantly changing set of workout routines that build a body that's ready to respond to any strength and endurance challenge with a conditioned musculature to handle any physical and physiological demand.

One of my favorite contenders in the Individual Men's category is the bushy-bearded Lucas Parker, a 23 year old gorilla of a Muscle Bear from the Canada West CrossFit division. To even qualify for the annual International CrossFit games, he succesfully placed in the Top 2 of his Canadian division. That's something he did last year as well, so this Bear is one hell of an athlete no matter how you slice it. (He also rocks a Men's Speedo 1 Inch Shoreline Swim Brief as shown at 13m:10s in the clip below:)

It was hard watching him in the 2103 games coverage as the week began. Lucas really struggled with the first few events - only placing in the bottom quarter of the 45 or so guys in the Individual Men's competitions. But halfway through the games he finally hit his stride, got his muscle mojo on, and started placing much better going into and through the weekend. He especially rocked the progressive Ladder Clean and Jerk and tied for 1st-Place. (See picture above and watch this clip at the 25 minute mark) as Lucas screams and hollers his way through a #345 lift! That win seemed to shift his whole mindset and the 'real' Lucas Parker came roaring back.

In the last three events he finished 8th, 4th, and 5th respectively. That 8th placing in the 'Sprint Chipper' event was critical in helping him make the Top-30 cut to even be able to participate in the last two events. Overall, he managed to salvage the rough start and finish out the games at a respectable #19 overall. The Bear made a great comeback!

Watch more of the CrossFit games footage here - or learn more about the emerging sport of CrossFit training at Wikipedia.

Drop And Give Me Ten... Minute Workouts

Who needs a tough, cigar-chewing Marine Drill-Sargeant barking orders at your pansy-ass? Well, we all do. But until we find one -- Set your SPORTS TIMER to 10 big-muscle minutes - and simply do ten-minutes of fitness maneouvers with hell-bent FOCUS. It doesn’t matter what: Stretch-It, Crunch-It, Walk-It, Lift-It, Pose-It! All it takes is 10 MINUTE FITNESS, several times a day.

BackWoods Beef-Up! Starts Aug 4th

My DROP-DEAD (gorgeous) start-date is Monday, August 4th. I have 3 days to write up a written fitness PLAN, review my goals, come to grips with SMOKING CESSATION, and rethink everything I eat and when.

I have a bare minimum of equipment here at my cabin: A 1-hour TIMER. Lifting GLOVES. A floor EXERCISE MAT, an #18 BODY BAR, 2 - #10 DUMBBELLS, an iPOD SHUFFLE - and - after buying and returning a mountain of 2nd-hand store fitness and body-building books - the only fitness book I ever needed: Bob Paris’ NATURAL FITNESS. (Used copies often for $5 or less from Amazon is a great read - for Old-Timers or First-Timers.)

I can’t say enough about Bob’s book. It really is THE definitive guide to assessing who you are and aren’t. Where you want to get to and how, what it will get you there - and won’t. I’ve scribbled in the side-bar on page after page front-to-back: I faced my own strengths and weaknesses, my obstacles and fears, my fitness sucesses and failures. Without an honest, hand-written assessment - You won’t know who you are, or what you can become.