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Biggest Loser Bears 2012 - New TV Season

I'm not a fan of TV in general - or celebrity icon worship that television inspires. But I do like Reality TV that's REAL - and that's why I'm hooked on NBC's Biggest Loser. Whether you're fit or fat - there's so much to learn season after season of what it takes to get control of your life, and how the delightful torture of being tortured at the gym and schlepping weights around really is the linch-pin in a battle of life or death.

Santa Bear Biggest Loser 2012 Season
There's always a hot Bearish man - or four - each season on NBC's Biggest Loser worth rooting for. In the 2012 season: The furry, fuzzy Santa Bear with his great white beard and wooly pelt is the one to watch. At 62, you can still tell there's a barrel-chested TANK of a man behind the beard and under the carpet that I hope survives the UN-reality of Reality TV and can last through the challenges, politics, games and competitiveness that the show's premise of elimination necessitates.

What moves me most about Biggest Loser is the JOY I feel watching these dying, obese men and women utterly TRANSFORM themselves. When you're 100-200 pounds overweight, there IS something horribly broken inside which can get 'fixed' in the time spent working out at the gym. You really are carrying the weight of a DEAD PERSON on your back 24x7. That dead person is half of YOU, and it's the half that is killing you. So Big Belly up to the barbell Gainers and Fat Boys, and re-think what you're shoving into your pie-hole. An early grave ain't a sexy or glamorous life destination to end up in.

Hairy MuscleBear Butt JockStrap Challenge

“Used” and “Second-Hand” have very, very different meanings in the world of Gay men’s jockstraps. In this case, I got one second-hand today at a local rummage store run by sweet little old Lutheran Ladies. And this wasn’t just Some-Other-Guys old ordinary worn jockstrap we’re talking about, it was a ‘like new’ DUKE ATHLETIC SUPPORTER which simply has the finest pouch design of any of ‘em. So for Fifty Cents you KNOW I snapped it up immediately and dutifully paid 4 cents sales tax without quibbling - even tho it seemed a bit ‘Small’ for being a ‘Large’. Well, the problem is my hairy bear ass and belly are just a _little too big_ to muscle my way into - as I discovered when I got home and promply stripped down and started trying to do my tough-guy posing routine in it.

Take this JOCKSTRAP POLL at website - then return here after seeing the results - and do leave a comment! Why, did you know that - statistically speaking - the face, head and mouth are also popular places to ‘wear’ a jock?!

BeefPieBear’s Beef-Up! Makeover Challenge hinges on me losing at least 5 pounds THIS month, and 5 the next. So maybe, like those ultra-tight jeans of yours that used to give you great BULGE but don’t fit anymore - I think I found my motivation to get a GRIP on my pie-hole once and for all: To do whatever it takes in the weeks ahead to make that jockstrap FIT without it’s current sense of strangulation!

For you more traditional “It was good enough for my hairy, burly, thick-necked Coach in college” guys who’ve stayed with a predictable BIKE ATHLETIC SUPPORTER - let me tell you - THEIR POUCHES SUCK - unless you’ve got a 10” long-schlong which they seem to be designed for. But not Duke - They’re more into Thick & Wide Texas Hold-’Em style pouching and feature a deliciously puckered high-cotton blend ball bag that’s soft as Snuggles The Fabric Softener Bear on your goodies. No contest - and the Beefy Pie has known this for years - Duke got pouches right with Fit, Function and Fashion!