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Anabolic steroid use in Gay men is on the rise - but it’s also happening in the broader culture as well. I’m surprised by what I’m seeing on TV. Dad comes home tired from work and a steady barrage of testosterone gel commercials on the nightly television news promise men a renewed lease on their energy levels and sex life. Add by gawd, it works. For many of our brothers in the Gay community, testosterone supplementation has helped stave off the ravages that living with HIV long-term can do to your body.

HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy for aging men is on a massive upswing. On many levels it’s simply a multi-billion dollar commercial steroid market that pharmaceutical companies are eager to legitimize and grow into a major profit center. And like far too many aspects of America’s pharma solution culture, we’re eager for more magic pills, gels and injections to solve any of our life issues and ease our pains - real or imagined.

As an aging Gay man who recently turned fifty-five, I went on testosterone replacement therapy with quite a bit of trepidation. My greatest fear was once I started TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy - what would life be like when I stopped taking the primary anabolic steroid that gives us energy, stamina, lean muscle mass and sexual drive? Without testosterone supplementation, would I turn back into my regular self and find that intolerable? Natural bodybuilding has it’s merits. The muscle gains and definition you get are the sum total of your weight-lifting efforts, training refinements, dietary choices and rest and recuperation cycles. Add synthetic testosterone to that - and it really does amplify and transform a routine gym routine into something that makes your muscles respond, body composition change, and delivers more visible results at an accelerated pace.

I’m not going to dive into the growth hormone and steroid abuse scene that I’m sure far to many athletes, bodybuilders and Gay Muscle Bears likely pursue. Whether it’s peckers or muskles, Bigger Is Supposedly Better and some will do, buy, inject, or swallow whatever it takes to get that -- to become the biggest, baddest Alpha-Male Bearoid of the bunch. There’s certainly no shortage of info on the net about all the steroids, dietary supplements, ergogenics, thermogenics, diuretics, et. al. to supposedly build, then strip your flabby Bear body into a chiseled slab of a beefy, muscular sex machine that everybody will want.

For the more sensible Muscle Bear wanna-be’s who’s testosterone levels are on the decline: Start by educating yourself with a decent book or three on TRT - Testosterone Replacement and other anti-aging options for men. A few good book titles I’d recommend are Testosterone : A Man's Guide and also Testosterone for Life: Recharge Your Vitality, Sex Drive, Muscle Mass, and Overall Health for starters. Then find yourself a decent Doctor of Endocrinology who specializes exclusively on assessing and treating the hormonal changes that men can experience as they age.

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