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Bear On Wheels - Roller Daddy

70's FLASHBACK - Ding's roller rink in the 4-H building at the County Fair Grounds. The Soundrack: The Osmonds, Bobby Sherman, and The Jackson 5. The Objective: Stay Upright! The Fear: Having to find a GURL to do the romantic "Twighlight Skate" with the lights dimmed down -- when all ya really wanted to do was hold hands with a hairy-pawed guy while the Osmond's 'Sweet & Innocent' played over the loudspeakers:

HERE: My Secret Crush, Mutt. If it is possible to fall in LURVE over YouTube: Help! I've fallen and I can't get up -- unless this man reaches down his hairy paw and gets me back on all 8 wheels again:

80's FLASHBACK - Rhythm-Land roller rink, North Minneapolis. GAMMA Gay Athletic Club sponsored rink nights. The Soundtrack: David, the Hip-Kweer D.J. who guided us safely out of 70's Disco into 80's Dance Pop. The Objective: Avoid that f*cked-up part of the rink floor - right at the curve that EVERY indoor rink seems to have. The Fear: That Beautiful, Black Bearded Ken wouldn't stick out that big hairy paw and ask me UP for the Twighlight Skate when they dimmed the lights and played sappy songs. But he did. And we skated together. And then he took me home and screwed my brains out. Ahhh, fond memories...

FAST FORWARD: I want to re-live my misspent youth. That does it, I'm gonna order some Quad Skates and get my roller MOJO back! And then I'm gonna hunt Mr. Mutt down and have that Daddy-Bear Dream-Skate I seem to need in the 21st Century.