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Tom Bianchi Orders Beefpie OFF THE COUCH!

Nude Gay male muscle physique photographer and artist Tom Bianchi made his leather couch notorious in his sequence of “ON THE COUCH” photo books - which feature some of the most exquisitely sculpted massive slabs of MUSCULAR BEEFY NUMMINESS from around the country, and around the globe. Oh if THAT COUCH could talk -- well you’d have published the collection of books Tom has over the years, most recently with his ‘Lets-Push-The-Limits-Shall-We?’ series: “DEEP SEX”

Well, long story short: In REAL LIFE, BeefPieBear is also a MacGizmoGuy Bear - and I help Tom move his images, online journal and life forward by keeping his ‘pooters happy and humming. And look - It WAS kinda hot that day, so I took off my shirt... and REALLY I was kinda tired from all that technical support shit... So I thought I would just slightly, somewhat, just-a-wee-little-bit have a bit of a moment in half-naked thoughtful, relaxing repose... ON. THE. COUCH.

Even longer story shorter: I guess it was NEVER MEANT TO BE. As I cast my sultry gaze over towards Tom and his exquisite Nikon D-50 Digital SLR camera... He clapped his hands together and said “Well! Lets wrap up here QUICK! I need to be at the gym in 5 minutes, so let’s go.” End. Of. Story. I guess guys more fortunate - and certainly more muscular than me can be seen at: WWW.TOMBIANCHI.COM

BeefPieBear Industries : Merger Mania!

In true WWF - World Wrestling Federation style - The BeefPieBear stripped down to his BRUTE WRESTING BRIEF - pulled them up snug - and is engaged in a Bear-Knuckled, Knock-Down, Drag-Out, In-Your-Face, Trash-Talk-The-Internet TAKE-DOWN! What this means for those of you who've known me over the centuries: At the dawn of the internet I was THE RustyBear until the internet caught on and there were too many of those Rusty ol' bears for my taste - and then I moved to my forest and became BackWoodsBear for a good many years until another guy wrecked that. So, I reincarnated again as MacBearPS and Doctor Mac when I moved to Palm Springs California. I went there to build a Fabulously Gay Bear Life - where I encountered - and was nearly knocked-out by THE WHITE DEATH. As I reincarnate as BeefPieBear and rise from the ashes: I'm somewhat worse for the wear, yet a Soft, Resilient, Bigger, Better, Tougher Picker-Upper -- hellbent on taking LIFE AFTER FIFTY to the next level. Everything I do, all my identities, websites, and ventures -- past and present are being merged into BeefPieBear Industries - A mega-conglomerate who's daily workout routine isn't just for Total World Domination, but GETTING BACK IN SHAPE to face the challenges ahead! - BodySpace


The folks at have one hell of a mega-site of interest to anyone who works out - as well as a great set of Forums and Profiles. So I spent some time there today - STARTING OVER with a clean slate, starting a BeefPieBear profile and blog there. They’ve got some good tools to track your weight-training progress and weight-loss/gain, goal setting and benchmarking. It really is just a great website worth bookmarking and spending time at.