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Bear Hairy Men And Manscaping Tools

My Wahl T-Finisher is one of my favorite Best Tools For Manscaping Men And Their Hairy Body Parts. I try to be a prudent Bear about not over-hacking my furry bits excessively or unnecessarily. Lord knows there's nothing quite as dissapointing as going to the gym only to see your favorite MuscleBear has gone off the deep-end, over hacked his body fur, shaved his back, cut off his goatee and sideburns, denuded his big beefy arms... And you just have to tell yourself "I don't even want to know what he did DOWN THERE to his pubic area", which probably got overly Manscaped as well.. Personally, I try to keep my hair-trimming efforts ABOVE the neckline - and go lightly in the nether regions.

Oh, I know U GUYZ U really just want Pictures of Really Beefy Hot Hairy Guys - Although I am a bit of a connessieur and very professional about such things, there are 100,000+ other places on the net for those.