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5 Great Gifts For Gay Guys : Grooming Tools For Hairy Bear Men

Needing some gift ideas for the Gay guy in your life? Here's a hit-list of suggested Gay gift recommendations to inspire and guide your shopping purchase. He's a mess sometimes and everyone knows it -- so here's some gifting suggestions to help him clean up his act:

Remington Travel Grooming Kit

For Hair + Nails + Teeth
-- For the Gay man frequently on the go, gifting a grooming travel kit with a diversity of basic hair and nail tools is a great starting point. We recommend adding a few select tools to the grooming set before you gift wrap it, such as a travel tube of toothpaste, a disposable razor, and a quality straight-cut toenail clipper to round-out the package.

Andis 23 Piece Barber Shop

Total Bear Hair Body Care
-- For the Full-Bearded and wooly gentleman, an electric hair clipping and battery powered beard and goatee trimming set makes a great gift for a Gay guy that has hair to spare. With nearly 2 dozen pieces and plenty of hair trimming guides, this set from Andis is an excellent choice. Wahl also makes a comparable Clipper/Trimmer/Guide set with over 20-pieces in it's Chrome and Color Pro line worth comparison shopping for.

Low Cost All-In-1 Groomer

Complete Facial Hair Grooming
-- Every Gay guy should have one of these rechargeable grooming sets with interchangeable heads. Yes, you can do the rough-in with a small scissors and disposable razor. But for the precise, exacting details of your mustache, goatee, sideburns or beard -- and those ornery and pesky nose and ear hairs -- these multi-headed trimmers are an excellent gift. This one's from Remington on the cheap, but the higher-end Norelco Multi-Groom Plus+ or Pro models are also an excellent gifting alternative.

Hardcore Bearscaping / Manscaping

Dual Ends - Trimmer + Foil Razor
-- The right gift for the REALLY HAIRY MAN who's professional work as a Competitive Bodybuilder, Go-Go Dancer, or Male Fashion Model demands total-body Manscaping from head to toe. Here, Norelco's double-headed Adjustable Length Trimmer and Foil-Shaver is the #1 seller for full bodygrooming needs. It's the ultimate weed-whacker gift for gorilla-hairy Gay Bear in your life that needs his fur kept under serious control.

12-Piece Mani-Pedi Nail Kit

Comprehensive Men's Nail Grooming
-- Let's not forget men's gnarly paws and claws when it comes to gift ideas for Gay guys. Not all of us are fastidious primpers, and some guys are just slobs. A set of manicure and pedicure tools in a compact travel case gives them one less excuse not to try to stay ontop of this essential men's grooming activity.

Gay Bear Events : Palm Springs Bear Convergence 2015

Gay Bear Events Palm Springs - IBC
The 2nd annual Palm Springs International Bear Convergence is growing to become one of the premier winter Bear circuit events for Gay Bear men and their admirers the weekend of February 12th thru 16th in 2015. Occurring on both Presidents’ and Valentine’s Day Weekend, it will once again be held at the perfectly located Renaissance Hotel Palm Springs, California. Within easy walking distance, it’s just a few blocks from the heart of downtown and the Arenas gay bar, restaurant, and shopping strip.

The first year of IBC was a great success with well over a thousand attendees, the largest Gay Bear event the town's ever seen! In 2015, that number’s expected to double or triple. The event includes four themed pool parties in the Renaissance Hotel’s huge courtyard that features the city’s largest heated swimming pool. The are towering palm trees to provide often-needed shade and plenty of outdoor lounging areas with fire pits, cabanas and multiple bars to keep you wet and wild.

Bear Convergence will have plenty of opportunities to show off your beefy, hairy body in the latest Speedo Bear swimwear fashion poolside, shake your furry butt dancing to guest DJs, live entertainment, and meet thousands of bears from around the globe. Friday, Saturday and Sunday there'll be three themed nighttime dance parties. At the weekend’s main dance event Saturday night, there’ll be a live performance with Amber and Ultra Nate'. International Bear Convergence’s evening dances and daytime poolside events will feature some popular DJs from California and around the the world including: Doug Jackson from Fort Lauderdale, Sean Mac from Atlanta, John LePage from San Francisco, and our own DJ Chub Jim from Palm Springs.

For out of towner's flying in, the hotel's location is close enough to the heart of town that you may not need to rent a car. Weather in February can be 'iffy', but last year 80F temperatures and sun smiled down over the entire IBC weekend: Perfect! You'll likely need a light jacket or heavy overshirt in the evening, but wearing shorts in the desert is doable all year 'round.

Room rates at the Renaissance host hotel are $200+ a night, 3 day minimum -- But you'll be within spitting distance of the Bear-filled pool. For more affordable accommodations, budget hotels down around the curve of South Palm Canyon about a mile from downtown are far more affordable. (Think Knight's Inn, Travelodge, Royal Sun, Vagabond, Caliente Tropics or The Curve.) Clothing Optional Nude Gay resorts in the Warm Sands area won't be cheap, but offer more sexual freedom and playtime potential. (Think All-Worlds, Mirage, Inndulge). I'd guess by the time you read this, the more Bearish Bearfoot Inn and Chaps Inn Gay resorts are likely already booked solid. It'll be peak of tourist season in Palm Springs when bookings and room-rates are at the highest point of the year.

Local Bear men have the opportunity to buy a full weekend event package from the IBC website ahead of time, or you can just Pay-As-You-Go for select day or evening events if you just want to dabble and dip a toe into a few of in the weekend's festivities.

Gay Bear Fashion Trends : At The Gym - Bar - And Beyond

Gay Fashion For Bear Men
Hmmm. What's hot on the Gay fashion scene for Bears these days? Has Gay Bear fashion really changed much over the past decade or two? It could be argued that our Gay, hyper-sexualized homoerotic culture has a tendency to go after the same old butch and hard workin' man looks that have served us well as men in general over the past century.

Whether its vintage or modern work wear, Blue Collar fashion is still in fashion. Blue and brown twill slacks, work shirts and perma-press fabrics highly reminiscent of the beefy-handed electrician or plumber, or the slightly more upscale and crisp look of a UPS, FedEx delivery guy. And let's not forget that big and bearded hairy Bus Driver: The one who keeps glancing up and looking at me in his mirror wearing his sky blue shirt and with the crisp center seam on those navy twill shorts that draw attention to his thick, hairy bare legs.

Gay Lumberjack Fashion

Timeless and Enduring: Brown 'shit-kicker' boots. Jeans - or even better yet jean or camo BDU shorts exposing hairy Bear thighs and thick, muscular calves. And of course, the cut-off sleeveless 'Bubba Shirt' is my favorite fashion staple, ideally unbottoned in the front to Bare-The-Bear and show off that hairy chest and belly.

Biker Bear Fashion

Bushy, full and sometimes braided beards make the Bear biker look with grungy Men's tees that make a statement with F-You declarations of freedom to ride, rumble and party. Grungy, fithy un-washed not pre-washed or stone-washed faux worn jeans. Dirty, greasy, naturally filthy biker jeans - but with a leather vest to add a gentlemanly air of class defines Rough Ridin' Mens Biker Gear. A skull-cap and Mirrored sunglasses that keep you guessing which part of you he's hungry for.

Gay Cowboy Fashion

With their crisp pearly-snap western shirts, tight-tight Levi, Lee and Wrangler boot-cut jeans (and pointy-tip boots to match) you'll see a higher-notch of Gay fashion on display with Rope 'Em, Ride 'Em Western Apparel. Tooled leather belts with big, oversized buckles under Big Bubba Bear bellies draw attention to what's below the belt doesn't hurt. Accessorize with a western style bolo tie - no, not to wrap around your balls - for your neck, Hoss…

Gay Gym Fashion

This definitely is the hotbed of current fashion trends too. Oh there's always the Classic burly powerlifter in his mid-top boots and thick sweat socks that I will always love. A firm, prominent belly with an outie belly-button and prominent big meaty nipples are often tightly wrapped in a tight, white tank-top tee. Just timeless. But I'm seeing alot of guys at the gym with the latest fashion trend of bright, bright florescent colored sneakers and hi-tops in glowing saturated hues brighter than the human eye has ever seen before.

Locker Room Bare Wear

After the sweaty, grunting workout, it's time to un-dress for success! I can't help but notice Under Bear fashion as men disrobe - the Bear in a jockstrap is making a comeback - but not in the sturdy, traditional white jockstrap your daddy used to wear. Nasty Pig apparel and their more colorful line of popular clothing with the striped and colorful Bear jocks is being seen with incresing frequency. So suppliment that retro Duke or Safe-T-Guard athletic supporter and pack your package into more modern boner-guard gear to clad that furry rump this fashion season.

Bear Fashion Poolside

Oh, don't even get me started talking about fashionable hairy men in Speedo swimwear. I've already blogged about that here, here, and on BeefPieBear Industries highly LIKE-able SpeedoBears FaceBook FanPage. Slap on a pair of wrap-around sunglasses, let the Speedo drawstrings sluttily hang out, and rock your Speedo Bear bulge in confidence.

Urban Bear Wear

I's worth mentioning the continued popularity of Urban Wear fashions for Gay Hipster cubber-dubbers and young'uns. Detailed and intricate swirly, winged patterns on shirts and pants pockets define Urban Wear. Often blinged-out with shiny silver micro-studs or glittery sparkle and eye-catching but focused hints of color seem to resonate with the younger Bear crowd. A style trend with surprising staying power that's yet to look dated.

Daddy Bear Corporate Style

From Wall Street to a handjob in a stall at the businessmen's club after drinks, here's to Bear Dad fashion in a 3-Piece that's serious and professional. Ya gotta love a hairy Bear neck wrapped in a crisply starched dress shirt, and that expensive, striped silk tie has sooooo many pig-play uses. Hear the 'klack!' of his cufflinks on the dresser as he disrobes, the sweaty smell of polished wing tip shoes… as he drops his slacks and bulges in his boxer shorts… High-Ball fashion of the Business Bear at its best when you help the old man take a load off after a hard day's work.

Image Credit: Tobias Waterman - Cute Little Blokes

Is Lucas Parker Gay - Or Just A Fit Furry And Fabulous Bear?

Lusca Parker CrossFit MuscleBear
Any Gay muscle blogger worth his salt monitors his website stats to see what search terms lead traffic to his blog. You wouldn't believe the weird, kinky and perverted things you guys type into Google, Yahoo and Bing that leads you to BeefPieBears Big Gay Hairy MuscleBear Blog!

Reviewing the web stats of a friend of mine who runs a Queer culture blog of his own - Steven Michael's Gay Celebrity News - reveals a common trend: "Is [Insert Actor, Politican, Musician, Athlete's Name Here…] Gay?" - It's something people search for and apparently want to know. Even if they AREN'T, like Ethel Merman and Kermit The Frog, or Ellen Degeneres and Rummelsnuff - who are.

Poor Lucas Parker! -- Whom I honestly admire for his CrossFit Games athletic prowess ten times more than I do his gorgeous dark red beard or furry, thick neck. More than his muscular, hairy Bear body. More than the way he absolutely rocks swimwear when he's wearing a Lycra Spandex Mens Speedo Bulge Bikini Brief. Ultimately it is his athleticism that I admire MOST. Simple as that.

But that's what happens when you're in the camera's spotlight: The rest of the world begins to wonder who and what you really are behind the fame and notoriety you might achieve doing your thing for the world to see.

So as to the question: Is Lucas Parker Gay? I can tell you this: I have NO idea.

1. He's never asked ME out for a date, so that probably tells you something.

2. If he tried to out-muscle me, wrestle me down and lock lips for a bristly bearded session of sucking face, I would probably succumb, get all giddy, blush and act stoopid. Exceptionally strong men make me weak. Go figure.

3. He might be too young for me anyways. Even though he's a manly, hairy Gorilla of a MuscleBear physically at age 24, he probably isn't quite mature enough emotionally to handle going 1-on-1 with the greying old Daddy Bear that The BeefPie has become. Honestly, I tend to like my Bears tough, old and chewy with a diverse range of life scars under their belt.

4. Even if he was Gay, I wouldn't be the one to Out him. We all find our own ways of expressing our identities and interests - On Our Own Terms.

5. If Lucas has a girlfriend - She might beat me up for even broaching the subject - and I'm scared of girls, especially angry ones!!!

Other than that, Lucas has simply been drawn into the Search Engine algo quagmire of a Gay Blog where I've mentioned his YouTube and Crossfit Games videos - In admiration only, with nothing more implied.

This post is ultimately more about the nature of the internet, Search Engine leverage, Social Media Marketing, and Link-Bait techniques that drive so much of what we see and share on FaceBook, Twitter and beyond. When I'm not torturing myself at the gym, I'm also a 'Bearsploitation Specialist' who uses the internet to lure and reel the innocent in with tasty, hairy, beefy, bearded Gay muscle BEAR-BAIT to keep my face fed when I have the chance. I mean after all, you are here reading this post right now, aren't you? It guess works.

Last thing: Even if Lucas was my boyfriend, I probably couldn't resist Trimming His Bushy Beard -- just a little bit. You know, pinning little Bear Boys down, taking a hair-clipper to their furry-bits and sayin'; "Hold still and quit squirmin', Boy!" is fun. I get off on that sort of thing...

Palm Springs Bear Convergence 2014 - DJ Entertainment Linuep

2014 International Bear Convergence promises to be one of the largest Bear Circuit Party events that Palm Springs, California, the USA, and hopefully the world has ever seen. IBC - Bear Convergence is slated for Valentine’s / President’s Day weekend February 13th-17th ’14 in the internationally Fabulous and Gay Destination and Desert Oasis of Palm Springs, CA.

Poolside music entertainment slated for what might be the biggest Big Muscle and Speedo Bear pool party ever was recently announced and will include Disc Jockey’s from across the US, Palm Springs DJ locals, and across the pond are: DJ John LePage - DJ David Knapp - DJ Dough Jackson - DJ Paul Coals - DJ Chub Jim - DJ Ryan Jones - DJ Candy and DJ Easy Tiger.

Registration info for this big kahuna of Gay Bear events in Palm Springs can be found at the main website. The weekend Bear Party is being held at the Renaissance Hotel. There’s also Bear weekend event passes available for locals or those staying at other accommodations or clothing-optional Gay resorts in Palm Springs for the weekend. The main events of Bear Convergence 2014 will be Friday, Saturday, Sunday May 14th through 16th 2014, with Early Bird Bear arrival Bear events on Thursday the 13th - and Monday late stay-over for Speedo and Muscle Bears who ain’t in no rush and want to do and get done for the full Bear circuit party weekend.

Palm Springs International Bear Convergence 2014

The first ever IBC - International Bear Convergence in Palm Springs California is slated for Valentine / President Day weekend in 2014. Specifically that means Thursday, February 14th through Monday the 17th. Daily pool parties, nightly dance parties with renowned DJ’s from around the globe and more are planned.

The host hotel for IBC - The Renaissance Palm Springs is a 400+ room behemoth ideal for large gatherings and in it’s spectacular courtyard there’s a huge 5000 square foot heated pool promising the largest batch of Bear Soup ever created on planet earth. Of course as a public, mixed accommodation, swim suits will NOT be optional and reasonably civilized Bear behavior will be required.

Sadly, none of the Gay resorts in the Coachella Valley have anywhere near the rooms or scale to handle the turnout IBC is expected to draw. The location of the Renaissance at 888 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way however is perfect: Centrally located and just a few easy to walk blocks from the heart of downtown Palm Springs and the Gay Arenas strip of bars, restaurants and shops catering to our Out and Proud LGBT community.

For Bears with thin wallets, the $180+/night rates to stay at the International Bear Convergence host hotel might seem a bit stiff. However, you’ll be close to the action and far more likely to make connections by staying on-site. Locals like me who want to attend IBC 2014’s happenings can arm themselves by pre-ordering a $70 weekend event pass to get into the IBC event pool parties and dances. Other visitors might be seeking more affordable accommodations elsewhere. Of the Gay, clothing-optional resorts in Palm Spring’s centrally located Warm Sands neighborhood, I’d personally recommend either Vista Grande or especially All Worlds Resort for a diverse crowd and best facilities (4 pools, 2 spas, and steamy steamroom) more in the $120 a night range. Leather types might prefer Chaps Inn, or more Generic Bears might consider the recently opened Bearfoot Inn - both on the north-end of downtown Palm Springs.

For even more affordable accommodations, some of the cheaper 2nd and 3rd tier hotels and motels in Palm Springs can be found south of Downtown around the curve of South and East Palm Canyon drive. There, you’re more likely to find budget rooms in the $60-90 a night range. Remember, February is peak of tourist season in the Desert Cities so rates overall will be higher than summer or fall.

What to wear, Bear? Sunny days in the 70’s are what draw thousands to Palm Springs during the winter months. But February nights do get a bit chilly so think dressing in light layers after the sun sets. Poolside, you know I prefer Spandex-Clad Speedo Muscle Bears whenever possible and I’m hoping 2014’s International Bear Convergence brings the largest gathering of SpeedoBears ever before seen in the United States.

For reservation info to book a room, buy an event pass, or see the event schedule and more, visit:

Gay Steroids - HRT Bodybuilding - Muscle Bear Bearoids

Gay Steroid Muscle Bear
Anabolic steroid use in Gay men is on the rise - but it’s also happening in the broader culture as well. I’m surprised by what I’m seeing on TV. Dad comes home tired from work and a steady barrage of testosterone gel commercials on the nightly television news promise men a renewed lease on their energy levels and sex life. Add by gawd, it works. For many of our brothers in the Gay community, testosterone supplementation has helped stave off the ravages that living with HIV long-term can do to your body.

HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy for aging men is on a massive upswing. On many levels it’s simply a multi-billion dollar commercial steroid market that pharmaceutical companies are eager to legitimize and grow into a major profit center. And like far too many aspects of America’s pharma solution culture, we’re eager for more magic pills, gels and injections to solve any of our life issues and ease our pains - real or imagined.

As an aging Gay man who recently turned fifty-five, I went on testosterone replacement therapy with quite a bit of trepidation. My greatest fear was once I started TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy - what would life be like when I stopped taking the primary anabolic steroid that gives us energy, stamina, lean muscle mass and sexual drive? Without testosterone supplementation, would I turn back into my regular self and find that intolerable? Natural bodybuilding has it’s merits. The muscle gains and definition you get are the sum total of your weight-lifting efforts, training refinements, dietary choices and rest and recuperation cycles. Add synthetic testosterone to that - and it really does amplify and transform a routine gym routine into something that makes your muscles respond, body composition change, and delivers more visible results at an accelerated pace.

I’m not going to dive into the growth hormone and steroid abuse scene that I’m sure far to many athletes, bodybuilders and Gay Muscle Bears likely pursue. Whether it’s peckers or muskles, Bigger Is Supposedly Better and some will do, buy, inject, or swallow whatever it takes to get that -- to become the biggest, baddest Alpha-Male Bearoid of the bunch. There’s certainly no shortage of info on the net about all the steroids, dietary supplements, ergogenics, thermogenics, diuretics, et. al. to supposedly build, then strip your flabby Bear body into a chiseled slab of a beefy, muscular sex machine that everybody will want.

For the more sensible Muscle Bear wanna-be’s who’s testosterone levels are on the decline: Start by educating yourself with a decent book or three on TRT - Testosterone Replacement and other anti-aging options for men. A few good book titles I’d recommend are Testosterone : A Man's Guide and also Testosterone for Life: Recharge Your Vitality, Sex Drive, Muscle Mass, and Overall Health for starters. Then find yourself a decent Doctor of Endocrinology who specializes exclusively on assessing and treating the hormonal changes that men can experience as they age.

Photo credit: Preston Craig

New Years Resolutions for Gay Bear Men - MuscleBear Version

The new year is always a great time to reevaluate What The Hell You Are Doings- And Why Are You Doing It? If you are a Muscle Bear or a MuscleBear Wanna-Be, it's a good time to look at the past year and what did and didn't work in both your daily life - and at the gym. And a chance to get it right-er. Do it smart-er. Get it better-er.

In athletic endeavours it's smart to have, and set goals. Even if you aren't big on New Year's Resolutions, you can put a few things forefront in your Bear brain to help keep you on track. That said, some things to target in the year ahead:

1. Get Laid More Often: It relieves stress, stimulates natural hormone production and can help target underdeveloped muscles that you certainly aren't likely to reach at the gym.

2. Set Near-Term Goals: When clearly identified within a narrow, specific time-frame - you're much more likely to achieve changes you want in your life than those with a distant horizon. Think hours and weeks, not months and years. Start every workout with a clear goal in mind, be aware of it every minute, and don't lose focus until your time-limit or sets are done.

3. Push Your Boundaries: We all have our 'Comfort Zones' we tend to stay in - Have a buddy at the gym help you get past yours, or hire a Personal Trainer to impose an extra degree of discipline to take your further, faster.

4. Clean Up Your Act: That means your refrigerator and cupboards. We all have starchy, salty, greasy things in our kitchens that our bodies would be better without. If it isn't Clean - Lean - Whole - Fresh -- toss it and shop for better alternatives.

5. Leave Your Vanity At The Mirror: Even if you already are an Alpha Male Bear-Stud Muscle Stallion - The true measure of a man doesn't live in a measuring tape, and can't be seen in the reflection. True health and wellness is a balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Without real balance in all three, you're just a two-legged table waiting for a fall…

Holiday and Any-Day Gifts For Gay Men : Muscle Bear Version

What if Mr. Claus came all year 'round -- And under that red Santa suit - there was a Beefy, Burly, Bodybuilding Grizz Daddy Top in a wrestling singlet strong-arming you and pinning you down to nail your tail asking: 'And what do YOU want for Christmas, little boy? Huh?!?' Well you'd better have an answer. Here's some gift suggestions for Gay men with muscle ready to fight back:

Muscle Boys - Gay Gym Culture - If there's some brains behind the Bear brawn, some depth beneath the Muscle Bear - This is a great read for grokking Gay Physical Culture that we all get drug into whether we realize it, want to, or not - In and out of the gym.

Men's Grooming Kit - A beefy selection of Paw 'N' Jaw, Hack 'N' Whack shaving and grooming tools for men - all in a zippered travel kit.

Grizzly Paws Lifting Gloves - Grizzly makes a line of fitness gear for Power Lifters and Beefy Boyz. Perfect for slaves to bear-branded Brand Fashion.

Gorilla Suit - Gay bodybuilder Bob Paris writes his long road to winning Mr. Olympia in the 80's and Coming Out afterwards - in a rather Straight business of fit chicks with boobs clinging to biceps. 30 years later - it's STILL a great read for any Gay weight-lifter or body-building Bear wanna-be.

Muscular Development - Save yourself some big Bear Bucks subscribing to Muscular Development magazine. The newsstand price is staggering, especially considering how many Supplement Ads you gotta wade thru to get to the actual articles. I'm just saying if you were stranded on a desert island with a #270 Body Building Bear - this would be THE BEEF-UP MAG he'd subscribe to, NOT Men's Fitness.

Brain vs Brawn : MacGizmoGuy vs BeefPie Smackdown!

Apple Macintosh Compatible USB 2.0 Web Cameras for OSX
Best Mac TV Tuner USB Sticks and Boxes for HD Television on Macintosh
Super-Fast Solid-State Disk Drives - SSD Low Price Tracker Site
Cross-Platform UVC Compliant Web Cams For Mac, Linux, Vista and XP
Bus-Powered USB Portable Laptop Speakers & Wireless Bluetooth Audio Speaker Systems
And of course:
Mac Gizmo's Best-Of Apple Mac Gadgets, Accessories and Software For OSX

That's quite an EMPIRE, eh? Well it barely keeps my face fed. And I still don't have Health Insurance. But I'm getting there, one site at a time. And to keep me from sitting on my dead-ass 24x7. I push myself away from my MacBook, load up my gym bag, and go work out my frustrations at the gym.The best of both worlds!

BeefPie In Rehab: Enforcing The Rules

If you're keeping up with EYE ON BEEFPIE at YouTube -- B.P.'s 30-day stay at the Sunny Palms Dietary Detox and Physique Rehabilitational Correctional Facility has placed him under the care of it's Medical Director, Dr. Szadist. Dietary restrictions, colon cleansings, forced exercise, and gagged and bound rest-periods in restraints are doing wonders to correct the BeefPie's eating patterns, workouts, and daily exercise routine under his doctor's care.

30 Day Beef-Up 4 Palm Springs Gay Pride

OH CRAP!!! OK, I’ll be honest: BeefPieBear’s first 30-day round of Fabulous Fitness Workout-Routines using the 10 Minute Muscle-Miracle(tm) work-outs just didn’t quite totally, utterly, completely, transform me into a big, giant, massive slab of BEEFY MAN-I-MAL.

OH GAWD!!! PALM SPRINGS GAY PRIDE WEEKEND is EXACTLY 30-Days away and not only do I have to get GORGEOUS F.A.S.T. -- Schit, I have to get my act together AND pack up my cabin AND drive across country AND get to Palm Springs AND get an apartment AND....

Get. My. Ass. Back. To. The. Gym.

PS I Love You : Take Me Back, Please!

FIVE FRICKING MONTHS, PEOPLE! 5 months of Severe Beefy Homosexual Male Deprivation has gotten to BP! I love my forest and tiny cabin with all my soul. But for the love of gawd: I need to get Queered Up so bad I can almost taste it: I need to hear The Gay music again. To TAKE A SHOWER with multiple hairy, wet, sudsy Beefs. To shave more than once a month to look FABULOUS. To strut in a slinky black Speedo poolside with The Gays. To wear sunglasses and look cool. To rub the bare, exposed hairy bellies of hairy bellied men in Gay bars again - which is my Ultimate Destiny. For the love of Gawd people - I can’t take much more of this quiet, simple, clean, safe, sensible high-quality gentle communing with nature. I need The Palm Springs Gays. BAD.

Don't Just Sit There Bear - BEEF UP!

Something’s gotta change - and that’s ME. Cuz I’ve gotten out of shape, lost my routine, and that’s not good for any Bear. So here we go: I HEREBY COMMIT to becoming the biggest, burliest, beefiest BEEF-PIE -- Well, that *I* can possibly be anyways. I just turned 50, I can regain my lost ground and get back on the fitness track. Here’s my Beef Blog to record my progress for the world to see. Next Up: Setting some GOALS. If I can get Comments working, share your Goals and Progress too!