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Miracle Fitness Muscle Suppliment Revealed!

Walk into any GNC - General Nutrition Center - and you'll feel like you've been had. There's nothing 'GENERAL' about it. It's about SPECIFIC nutritional 'needs' your brain thinks you have cuz you've read waaaaaaay too many Muscle and BodyBuilding Mags - when all your body really needs is a decent well-balanced diet - and a decent equally balanced multi-vitamin and mineral suppliment.

When the BeefPie is more interested in Beef than Pie -- I simply have a 3x5 index card in my cupboard that says 'Take Your Vitamins'. Which simply means a dirt-cheap bottle of Costco's house-brand 500 count Kirkland Signature Daily Multivitamin and Mineral With Lycopene, Lutein and More

Kirkland Signature Daily Multivitamin & Mineral

- 500 Tablets - $25 Shipped - a FULL YEAR supply

Imagine that: VITAMINS and MINERALS your body needs in ONE SINGLE MIRACLE TABLET that - when combined with exercise - will help you lose weight and pack on muscle! WOW! All for a mere 7 cents a day.

Why Kirkland? Why Cuz it's like all the fun of NOT finding a parking spot, NOT banging shopping-carts with old people who live in RV's. NOT having to pay for or show a card to prove your exclusive Costco membership.

PorkPieBear Overtakes BeefPieBear

HELP!!! BeefPieBear's workout routine and weight-loss strategy has gotten severely DERAILED! Bags of crunchy cheesy curls, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Kit-Kat bars, and cheese popcorn continuously plot, scheme and conspire to ATTACK BP while he innocently sits at his computer thinking about his next 10 minute workout strategy! I have the bags, wrappers and crumbs here to prove it! The only thing RIPPED are the open bags of chips. The only thing SHREDDED was the cheese on the nachos. HELP!!!

'Succumbing to weakness' is not something in BP's vocabulary - But clearly empty calories and salty, greasy carbohydrates threaten my BEEF-UP MAKEOVER CHALLENGE and my road to becoming Fabulously Gay again. I feel another YouTube Episode coming on -- one where I'm going to confront my PIE-HOLE issues publicly.