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Huge Nips Beefy Pecs : Muscle Bull Men With Big Nipples

Men With Huge Nipples
Whether you’re a Muscle Bear who’s worked really hard on developing your pectorals, or were naturally gifted with big, beefy pecs, you may find other aspects of your chest development and presentation are lacking. Specifically you may find your tiny nipples getting buried in all that muscle and fur. It could be argued that weight training and bodybuilding Bears packing on muscle are already engaged in one form of body modification: Tatoos, piercings, genital or male nipple enlargement are others.

Muscle Bulls and Bear men with big nipples can be quite a turn on and some may pursue nipple training and pumping to get long, thick, plump and meaty male nipples other guys can really sink their teeth into.

How To Get Big Nipples

Commit To Daily Nipple Training For Huge Nips

Set realistic expectations about how to get big, swollen nipples permanently. It takes time to get long term results, perhaps just a few months of pumping your nipples daily or at least 5 times a week. But the immediate benefits of big swollen nipples to play with only takes 15 minutes or so for temporary satisfaction.

Male Nipple Pumps And Cups For Meaty Nipples

Here’s a few affordable products to pump your nips and get started with your male nipple enlargement fetish. For around $10 - $50 I’d recommend a few men’s nipple suckers of note:

Clear Silicone Nipple Cups

For Nip Play and Training

The best starter solution pictured above is a pair of Supple Nipple Cups for about $20 shipped. The clear silicon lets you see men’s swollen nipples and they seal very well around the areola for staying put for a long nip pumping session. I have really hairy DaddyBear pecs and I found these stay on well without having to shave or trim the hair around my nips.

Another MUST-HAVE product for 2nd stage Bear men's nipple development and pumping are from MaxTwist. This pair of acrylic cups have a larger inside diameter over the Supple Nips. They're slightly over 1" to to draw up and plump more of the areola. You can achieve very strong suction using just a twist motion without having to buy a more expensive handheld hydraulic pump.

MaxTwist Nipple Suckers

Acrylic Nip Suction Set

If you're ultra serious about committing to developing big, meaty male nips and thick teats, an investment in a handheld vacuum pump and nipple cylinders can help you get your beefy Bear pecs impossible to ignore attention-getting respect they deserve.

Pair Of Nipple Cylinders

Hand Operated Vacuum Pump

For those who are really cheap, or want to add to your playtime toy chest you might also want a pair of the big, knobby Snake Bite Kit cups that are around $8 with free shipping as an alternative. They are tougher, have more nipple suction power and are great for tugging and slapping around during sex play.

Prepare For Pumping Your Nips

If you have a bear hairy chest, you may want to shorten and trim the hairs around your nipples slightly to insure a good seal to the areola. I recommend a pair of very high-quality Round-Tipped Safety Scissors - something that will also come in handy for other Gay men’s grooming needs like nose and ear hair or eyebrow and mustache trimming.

To have the best men’s teat pumping experience, moisten the skin around your nipples with a warm, wet compress first to hydrate and increase the blood flow to the nipples and pecs. Then use a good lotion like Lubriderm to soften the hydrated nipple tissue and create more skin elasticity before applying the nipple enlargers. Pumping will cause micro-trauma to the skin tissue. A little is what you need to get progressively larger nipples. Too much or over-enthusiastic pumping early on can be painful and may lead to temporary scabbing if overdone. Remember, you want to protect your nipples to enhance their sensitivity by pumping, not damage them with scarring or by abuse (unless that’s your trip.)

Explore Other Male Nipple Pumping Websites

Men with huge nipples like you’ll find at can provide additional nipple trainer expertise on nipple pumping tips and techniques. You’ll also find it a good source for higher-end genital and nipple suction pumps and nipple pumping cylinders to get your male teats thick, fat and huge - both safely and with quicker results.

Ecto Endo Meso - Buff Bear Bubba Bear Burly Bear Body Types

Muscle Bear Somatotypes

Bear Bodybuilder Somatotypes
The three primary forms of a Bear's body somatotype are Mesomorph, Ectomorph and Endomorph. William Herbert Sheldon was an American psychologist who's theories revolved around basic human body types. Sheldon proposed that the human physique be classified according to three fundamental elements, somatotypes, named after the three germ layers of embryonic development: The endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm.

For Muscle Bears, each somatotype comes with both positive and not-so-positive traits. By focusing on your own somatotype's propensities, you can minimize the negatives and build the best Muscle Bear body nature will allow. There are some Bears who are purely mesomorphs, ectomorphs, endomorphs, and have little or no characteristics of the other body types. But more commonly, real-world Bears fall into mixed categories, such as endo-mesomorphs or ecto-mesomorphs. Assessing where you fit into the mix can help determine your optimal diet, cardio routine, and weight training style. By tailoring your diet and workouts to which of the three primary body styles you inherited, you can plan a fitness routine that makes the most of what you’ve got.

Mesomorph Body Type - Burly Bears

A Mesomorph Bear body can be recognized by its often stout and naturally muscular appearance. Wide square hips and a broad chest define your classic Muscle Bear bodybuilder. The Meso body is notable in its ability to easily build defined muscle. So you'll find plenty of examples of Meso-style bodies at the gym and on Muscle Beach. If you're a Mesomorphic Bear, it's best to follow nature's lead and build as much muscle as you can. Their naturally lean muscle mass give shapes and tone to the appearance of the body. While Mesomorp’s don't have problems rapidly adding and sculpting muscle, they often carry extra fat. To burn it, it's important that cardio training be as focused as the muscle building portion. Meso's will likely prefer lifting weights to running on a treadmill, but a balanced workout routine will deliver better results overall.

Ectomorph Body Type - Buff Bears

The Ectomorph Bear body is typically tall and naturally lean with longer, slender bones and proportionately slim muscle bundles. Most don't carry much extra fat until later in life where it's likely to pile up only around the midsection. Ectomorphs will have the most difficulty gaining significant muscle mass, but their leanness does reveal cut, separation and striation of muscle easily. The best workout routine for Ecto body types focuses far more on strength training than cardio. In fact, cardio routines should be done primarily for the endurance and health benefits, rather than for weight loss. Note that because of their thinner bone structure, Ectomorphic Bears are more susceptible to injury. Longer leg and arm bone lengths alter the leverage ratios of some exercises, particularly squats and flyes. So strength training with moderate weights while focusing on the absolute largest muscle groups in the body helps deliver visible results quicker. Expect the more buffed, toned appearance that building additional muscle can provide near-term, and a long, hard commitment over many years to add truly significant mass.

Endomorph Body Type - Bubba Bears

The Endomorph Bear body is characterized by softer curves head to toe and high body fat. Endos usually carry a higher percentage of muscle than Ectos or Mesos and are naturally strong, but it's often buried under a great deal of fat. An Endomorph is likely to excel as a Bear powerlifter, but may struggle with one diet after another in any effort to get cut and reveal their muscle definition. Although building muscle mass can come rapidly to an Endo, fat loss is a constant challenge. You have to ‘eat big to grow big’, and unfortunately, Big Bubba Bears get that way from over-eating. The Endomorphic workout plan should incorporate significant weekly workout time to cardio, and devote the remaining days to very heavy free-weight power lifting and core H.I.T. basic strength training moves. High-rep isolation exercises done on machines might be good for warm-ups, but aren't likely to yield visible striation or muscle definition.