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Muscle Bear Videos : The Gay People Have Spoken

Have you ever been STRONG ARMED? Like in arm-wrasslin' where the guy tips you past center and puts on the pressure -- and you know you're being out-muscled -- but ya fight like all hell, ya fight back with all you got even if you know you're gonna lose. Just cuz you like seeing his big bulging hairy bicep stud-guns outgunning you on your way down. You're losing, but oh, what a way to go!

Muscular Bear Hairy Arm and Bicep Flexing

Do you know what you really want in life? I do. You want HAIRY MUSCLE BEAR VIDEOS. You want GAY MUSCLEBEAR BLOGS. You want HAIRY BEAR GAY MUSCLE MEN. (And my god you love BEARS IN SPEEDOS you dirty pervs.)

How do I know? Google Analytics tells me what's on your dirty bear brains. So today I'm strong-arming the hell out of Google here in raw naked aggression: trash-talking it during this take-down power-post: FORCE FEEDING MY BEAR MAN TOOL verbal keyword-loaded abuse down Google's throat and making him EAT IT!

Google likes Hairy Bear Muscle Videos, I do too. PLEASE COMMENT and paste or embed the URL of YOUR favorite Muscle Bear Video on YouTube. Show us what you liked, show us the best you got and I'll link to and embed it.