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The Healthy Bear - Gays And ObamaCare

Gay Health Insurance
The numbers for the percentages of Gay women and men without health insurance in America is downright ugly. While nationwide about 1 in 6 (15%) of the general population go without health coverage, within the LGBT community the ratio of the uninsured rises to 1 in 4 (25%) overall. The percentage of uninsured is even bleaker for low-income Gay Transgendered, Hispanics, Blacks and other LGBT racial minorities where 1 in 3 (33%) go without.

ObamaCare is the biggest life-preserver our Gay community has ever been offered. So here's just a big Fuck-You to Gay Log Cabin Republicans who are complicit in supporting the GOP, the Conservative Right, and any one and any thing that seeks to undermine the ability of our LGBT community to finally get the guaranteed access to very affordable health care that we desperately need. There are many explicit non-discrimination provisions within the Affordable Care Act that address equality in access and services for our community that's long overdue - especially for those with partners and who are now legally married.

For Gay Bear men - especially the Chubba-Bubba Bears - Our propensity towards being overweight, prone to diabetes and vascular disease as well as our risk profile for HIV/AIDS and transmissible infections makes us a unique demographic that needs more than the average Straight Joe. We owe it to ourselves and our community to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits the ACA - Affordable Care Act - 'ObamaCare' is poised to offer us on January 1st 2014.

Even for Gay Muscle Bears and those with a Commit-To-Fit lifestyle, without basic comprehensive health insurance, all one's efforts at the gym may be for naught if a sports injury, an accident, or serious illness strikes. One's health, financial security and well-being can change in a single event, a single health crisis, or begin to degrade steadily with time.

Of note, the No-Cost PREVENTATIVE health services mandated to be included in all of the Affordable Care Act Exchange plans are something you ought to review and be aware of. The ACA prohibits out-of-pocket costs for prevention services. Particularly for MSM : Men having Sex with Men -- Free immunizations that the CDC Guidelines recommend for our community are something you should review with your doctor and take advantage of.

If you thought you couldn't afford health insurance, if you'd been denied because of pre-existing conditions, you might be surprised at how comprehensive and cheap ACA insurance through either your state or the national ACA exchanges can be. Policies range across a 4-Tier Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum framework. Even the lowest-cost but high-deductible Bronze plans include lower negotiated Physician or Urgent Care billing prices and prescriptions, with no out-of-pocket costs for those preventative services. Find out more about LGBT healthcare options at -- and at apply at or your local state exchange.

Beefy Bodybuilder Muscle On Stage : Generation Iron Documentary

Ever wonder what it really takes to muscle your way to the top and onto the stage at the Mr. Olympia professional bodybuilding competition? The long-awaited documentary "Generation Iron" hits theaters in September, more than three decades after the groundbreaking 'Pumping Iron' first turned the camera towards the emerging sport of competitive pro bodybuilders. That was then. This is now:

My favorite lugnut - Branch Warren is featured in the documentary - along with Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Kai Greene, Ronnie Coleman, Hidetada Yamagishi, Roelly Winklaar, Ben Pakulski, Victor Martinez and Dennis Wolf who round some out the worlds leading bodybuilders on the road to the Mr. Olympia 2011 competition. Expect a look at the men, their motivations and fears, strengths and weaknesses shown on camera like we've never seen before. The sport has evolved and grown so much over the decades, a modern view of today's pro bodybuilding scene is long overdue. More info can be found at the film's website.

MuscleBulls vs MuscleBears : LugNuts vs MeatHeads

Muscle Bull Strongman
They really are a different breed, you know. In the Bears vs Bulls stage out on the gym floor, the differing weight lifting and training styles of Gay MuscleBull men vs The MuscleBear Meat Heads plays out. When you study the genetic composition of these two disparate body somatotypes, it often boils down to the Endo-Meso hybrid (Lugnuts) vs the pure Meso or Meso-Endo types (Meatheads).


The thick-boned and well-padded Endomorphic-leaning MuscleBulls chow-down (up?!) in bulk to bulk up a heavy-set olympic Powerlifting frame ideal shoving uber-heavy sets of weights around. They never were predisposed to stripping down to lean, detailed, sculpted and striated muscle mass any ways. So they go for what's attainable: Lugging, dragging, shoving, hefting ridiculously heavy objects like #300 concrete balls and whatnot for sport -- ala the Strong Man Games.


Ah, but your lean and beefy Mesomorphic-leaning 'Classic' MuscleBears - now that's a different stripe. They may go hard and heavy with the weights too, but like their diet it's far more controlled and geared for exacting precision. "Make _that_ muscle _here_ separate _here_, and bring it's size to _this_ and it's curve to _there_." The diet that feeds the Meat-Head Bear muscle machine is intrinsically different 'cuz sheer-BULK isn't the point.

All in all, two very differently composed physical types and patterns of body-fat distribution: Both inherently very muscular. But form follows function. Heavy set guys like MuscleBulls seem happiest doing what their bodies were designed for: Heavy Lifting, like oxen hooked to a plow.

Image Credit: Unknown - From a bygone era where wearing a Fig Leaf for support pre-dated the invention of the Jock-Strap.

Muscle Bear BodyBuilding Supplements : 1-2-3 Easy

Brutus The Bear Bodybuilder
There's a multi-billion dollar muscle building supplement industry just waiting for the next sucker and his wallet to come along. And if you're a Gay Bear, we already know you're already skilled at that, so… let's separate your actual nutritional requirements to pack on muscle from all the marketing myths, beliefs and hopes about nutrition. There's really only THREE things you actually need and want to shove into your Bear Hole to meet the demands of achieving your fitness and muscular development goals:

1. Eat A Clean, Fresh, Protein Rich MuscleBear Diet

The biggest challenge any muscle building Bear has is to consciously get the daily amount of quality, clean complex carbs and lean protein they need to pack on muscle - and to keep body fat in check. And if you're a big husky Bear training hard, your daily caloric needs are going to be high. Lean protein is the most expensive food source by weight, which is why the Magic Protein Powder industry is aiming for your wallet. (See #3 below.) Otherwise, it's not rocket science worth rehashing like a million diet 'n' muscle articles across the net. Just ONE sentence is needed here: Dairy, Meat, Fish, and Eggs. A lot of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit. Maybe a few Whole Grains. Period.

2. Take Your Vitamins, Bear

The ONLY 'insurance' policy your bod needs is a daily multi-vitamin with minerals. It's a cheap, 1-A-Day kind of guarantee your body will get ALL that it clinically needs without -- literally -- pissing money and excess unneeded nutrients down the toilet. Take two on days you need to believe getting 100% of your daily requirements isn't somehow enough. This Big Honker of a 500 count bottle of Kirkland's Multi+ is the cheapest, hands-down deal that'll last you a whole year. A multi-vitamin and mineral is the ONLY supplement you really ought to invest in:

CHEAP Multi-Vitamin

Compare To Centrum

3. Recharge Your Bear Body Post-Workout

Bring some good nutrition with you for right after your workout. The ONLY time you MIGHT need to get drug into the world of big-ticket $10+ a pound Nutrition Powders and Protein Shakes MIGHT be immediately after your gym workout. A rather complete and high protein shake with extra Branch Chain Amino Acids is best, forget the rest. Timed right, they can give your body what it needs for quick uptake, regeneration and recuperation. There you have it in two sentences - without having to read a 4 PAGE ADVERTISEMENT in a bodybuilding magazine that you thought was an article, but it turned out to just be an advertisement selling you 'miracle' supplements.

Gay Bear Fashion Trends : At The Gym - Bar - And Beyond

Gay Fashion For Bear Men
Hmmm. What's hot on the Gay fashion scene for Bears these days? Has Gay Bear fashion really changed much over the past decade or two? It could be argued that our Gay, hyper-sexualized homoerotic culture has a tendency to go after the same old butch and hard workin' man looks that have served us well as men in general over the past century.

Whether its vintage or modern work wear, Blue Collar fashion is still in fashion. Blue and brown twill slacks, work shirts and perma-press fabrics highly reminiscent of the beefy-handed electrician or plumber, or the slightly more upscale and crisp look of a UPS, FedEx delivery guy. And let's not forget that big and bearded hairy Bus Driver: The one who keeps glancing up and looking at me in his mirror wearing his sky blue shirt and with the crisp center seam on those navy twill shorts that draw attention to his thick, hairy bare legs.

Gay Lumberjack Fashion

Timeless and Enduring: Brown 'shit-kicker' boots. Jeans - or even better yet jean or camo BDU shorts exposing hairy Bear thighs and thick, muscular calves. And of course, the cut-off sleeveless 'Bubba Shirt' is my favorite fashion staple, ideally unbottoned in the front to Bare-The-Bear and show off that hairy chest and belly.

Biker Bear Fashion

Bushy, full and sometimes braided beards make the Bear biker look with grungy Men's tees that make a statement with F-You declarations of freedom to ride, rumble and party. Grungy, fithy un-washed not pre-washed or stone-washed faux worn jeans. Dirty, greasy, naturally filthy biker jeans - but with a leather vest to add a gentlemanly air of class defines Rough Ridin' Mens Biker Gear. A skull-cap and Mirrored sunglasses that keep you guessing which part of you he's hungry for.

Gay Cowboy Fashion

With their crisp pearly-snap western shirts, tight-tight Levi, Lee and Wrangler boot-cut jeans (and pointy-tip boots to match) you'll see a higher-notch of Gay fashion on display with Rope 'Em, Ride 'Em Western Apparel. Tooled leather belts with big, oversized buckles under Big Bubba Bear bellies draw attention to what's below the belt doesn't hurt. Accessorize with a western style bolo tie - no, not to wrap around your balls - for your neck, Hoss…

Gay Gym Fashion

This definitely is the hotbed of current fashion trends too. Oh there's always the Classic burly powerlifter in his mid-top boots and thick sweat socks that I will always love. A firm, prominent belly with an outie belly-button and prominent big meaty nipples are often tightly wrapped in a tight, white tank-top tee. Just timeless. But I'm seeing alot of guys at the gym with the latest fashion trend of bright, bright florescent colored sneakers and hi-tops in glowing saturated hues brighter than the human eye has ever seen before.

Locker Room Bare Wear

After the sweaty, grunting workout, it's time to un-dress for success! I can't help but notice Under Bear fashion as men disrobe - the Bear in a jockstrap is making a comeback - but not in the sturdy, traditional white jockstrap your daddy used to wear. Nasty Pig apparel and their more colorful line of popular clothing with the striped and colorful Bear jocks is being seen with incresing frequency. So suppliment that retro Duke or Safe-T-Guard athletic supporter and pack your package into more modern boner-guard gear to clad that furry rump this fashion season.

Bear Fashion Poolside

Oh, don't even get me started talking about fashionable hairy men in Speedo swimwear. I've already blogged about that here, here, and on BeefPieBear Industries highly LIKE-able SpeedoBears FaceBook FanPage. Slap on a pair of wrap-around sunglasses, let the Speedo drawstrings sluttily hang out, and rock your Speedo Bear bulge in confidence.

Urban Bear Wear

I's worth mentioning the continued popularity of Urban Wear fashions for Gay Hipster cubber-dubbers and young'uns. Detailed and intricate swirly, winged patterns on shirts and pants pockets define Urban Wear. Often blinged-out with shiny silver micro-studs or glittery sparkle and eye-catching but focused hints of color seem to resonate with the younger Bear crowd. A style trend with surprising staying power that's yet to look dated.

Daddy Bear Corporate Style

From Wall Street to a handjob in a stall at the businessmen's club after drinks, here's to Bear Dad fashion in a 3-Piece that's serious and professional. Ya gotta love a hairy Bear neck wrapped in a crisply starched dress shirt, and that expensive, striped silk tie has sooooo many pig-play uses. Hear the 'klack!' of his cufflinks on the dresser as he disrobes, the sweaty smell of polished wing tip shoes… as he drops his slacks and bulges in his boxer shorts… High-Ball fashion of the Business Bear at its best when you help the old man take a load off after a hard day's work.

Image Credit: Tobias Waterman - Cute Little Blokes

Is Lucas Parker Gay - Or Just A Fit Furry And Fabulous Bear?

Lusca Parker CrossFit MuscleBear
Any Gay muscle blogger worth his salt monitors his website stats to see what search terms lead traffic to his blog. You wouldn't believe the weird, kinky and perverted things you guys type into Google, Yahoo and Bing that leads you to BeefPieBears Big Gay Hairy MuscleBear Blog!

Reviewing the web stats of a friend of mine who runs a Queer culture blog of his own - Steven Michael's Gay Celebrity News - reveals a common trend: "Is [Insert Actor, Politican, Musician, Athlete's Name Here…] Gay?" - It's something people search for and apparently want to know. Even if they AREN'T, like Ethel Merman and Kermit The Frog, or Ellen Degeneres and Rummelsnuff - who are.

Poor Lucas Parker! -- Whom I honestly admire for his CrossFit Games athletic prowess ten times more than I do his gorgeous dark red beard or furry, thick neck. More than his muscular, hairy Bear body. More than the way he absolutely rocks swimwear when he's wearing a Lycra Spandex Mens Speedo Bulge Bikini Brief. Ultimately it is his athleticism that I admire MOST. Simple as that.

But that's what happens when you're in the camera's spotlight: The rest of the world begins to wonder who and what you really are behind the fame and notoriety you might achieve doing your thing for the world to see.

So as to the question: Is Lucas Parker Gay? I can tell you this: I have NO idea.

1. He's never asked ME out for a date, so that probably tells you something.

2. If he tried to out-muscle me, wrestle me down and lock lips for a bristly bearded session of sucking face, I would probably succumb, get all giddy, blush and act stoopid. Exceptionally strong men make me weak. Go figure.

3. He might be too young for me anyways. Even though he's a manly, hairy Gorilla of a MuscleBear physically at age 24, he probably isn't quite mature enough emotionally to handle going 1-on-1 with the greying old Daddy Bear that The BeefPie has become. Honestly, I tend to like my Bears tough, old and chewy with a diverse range of life scars under their belt.

4. Even if he was Gay, I wouldn't be the one to Out him. We all find our own ways of expressing our identities and interests - On Our Own Terms.

5. If Lucas has a girlfriend - She might beat me up for even broaching the subject - and I'm scared of girls, especially angry ones!!!

Other than that, Lucas has simply been drawn into the Search Engine algo quagmire of a Gay Blog where I've mentioned his YouTube and Crossfit Games videos - In admiration only, with nothing more implied.

This post is ultimately more about the nature of the internet, Search Engine leverage, Social Media Marketing, and Link-Bait techniques that drive so much of what we see and share on FaceBook, Twitter and beyond. When I'm not torturing myself at the gym, I'm also a 'Bearsploitation Specialist' who uses the internet to lure and reel the innocent in with tasty, hairy, beefy, bearded Gay muscle BEAR-BAIT to keep my face fed when I have the chance. I mean after all, you are here reading this post right now, aren't you? It guess works.

Last thing: Even if Lucas was my boyfriend, I probably couldn't resist Trimming His Bushy Beard -- just a little bit. You know, pinning little Bear Boys down, taking a hair-clipper to their furry-bits and sayin'; "Hold still and quit squirmin', Boy!" is fun. I get off on that sort of thing...

Is Rummelsnuff Gay? MuscleBull Wrestling Video - Ringen

Uber-Hot is the only words to describe German musician and lyricist's 'RINGEN' music video as he and a fellow MuscleBull take to the grappling mat with foreskins swinging both in - and out - of tight Lycra Wrestling Briefs.

That said, Rummelsnuff's (ahem) vocal style is decidedly an acquired taste - ideal if you have a fetish for beefy, muscled German men barking and growling at you about your favorite wrestling fantasy. Take a look at Rummelsnuff's complete discocgraphy to see he's worked as hard at time spent in the recording studio as he has at a gym.

For a rough translation of the butch and manly-man lyrics that accompany this musical wrestling video, I went to Bing Translator and did a German to English conversion of the lyrics for 'Ringen' and found a touchingly romantic tale of men, homoerotic wrestling, and their love for the fight…

You are a man, I'm a man,
Both of equal weight.
Speed ​​and strength
Are ready for fighting duty.

You are a man, I man,
Both our skin itches.
To wrestle on the mat now,
To fight, but quickly.

We fast before!
The force has both arms now packed.
Bursting with muscles, firm in the state
So chiseled that it cracks!

My neck stuck between your legs
And nothing moves more.
Put your head in a headlock.
Now it is time for you.

Body to body
The pulse quickens.
Our breathing hard and deep!
Instinct and strength, courage and spirit
Called us to fight ...
Called us to fight!

Hard I have you in my grasp,
I will not let you go.
To air we struggle for victory,
And the revenge is pending.

My heart is drumming in your ear
In beats like music.
My heart beat is blaring in your brain,
As long as you are lying down.

The sweat runs down in streams,
This makes grasping difficult!
The victory is near, the victory is mine;
I will not let go!

Beast for beast-
The pulse rockets.
The breathing hard and deep!
Instinct and strength, courage and spirit
Called us to fight ...
Called us to fight!

In the truest sense of the words
A fight welds us together.
No pain scares us, no grip hurts us.
What proves fighting spirit.

Straight Men - Fear Of The Speedo And Speedo Bears

Hairy Man In Speedo
What is it about a men's bikini style Speedo swimming brief that Straight men find so disturbing? And trust me, they do. When confronted head-on by another male, especially a large, hairy and Bearish man wearing only a Speedo brief, you can just tell someone has crossed a line of social acceptability. There's too little fabric. It's too tight. There's too much exposed flesh. There's too much bulge outlined in detail to ignore. That's your job as a Straight Guy: To ignore those particular parts of another man. But an in-your-face skimpy Speedo makes it almost impossible! Even if you're not trying to, and with only a glance, your brain will inadvertently assess the man's hairiness, musculature, junk and relative 'Meat To Ball Ratio' in a spit-second. You'll either feel despair and jealousy, or a smug yet uncomfortable sense of superiority and derision.

Sure, Speedo makes other styles of men's swimwear. There's the slightly more acceptable square-cut, short-legged trunk that at least has the decency to cover slightly more of the buttocks and thighs. But we live in an era of shame and modesty where men swimming in loose, baggy board-shorts that go down past your knees is fashionable. Straight men take comfort in both seeing or wearing these, obliterating 'Too Much Information' under the loose folds of and safety of a square yard or more of fabric. Perhaps they might be less disturbed by long, jammer-style Speedo trunks which cover a man's hairy thighs and provide a larger visual field of obstruction and camouflage. Yet they still must contend with the tight fit, curves and contours of another man's bulge wearing a Speedo jammer. Less hairy man flesh is more comfortable to deal with, especially at close range.

Unless he's a hermit or lives under a rock -- No Straight man is safe from exposure to a Speedo Bear at some point in their life. He may be seaside, He may be at your family's local municipal pool, He might even be wandering around in only a Speedo bikini and flip-flops at your local Wal*Mart for chrissakes! But by then it's too late. You've been exposed to large or hairy or (gawd forbid) large AND hairy man, his love-handles oozing out of the tight Lycra Spandex Speedo like a furry, overstuffed sausage. You're just going to have to Deal With It!

Many Straight men would likely prefer that guys wearing tiny Speedo briefs stayed where they belong: Ideally at Summer Olympic Games being held on the other side of the planet. Ideally in a country they've never been or will ever go to. Ideally with the Speedo briefed men IN THE WATER exposing only their heads, and not standing on the pool deck with TV cameras on them waiting to dive for any longer than absolutely necessary. The Olympics seem to be the ONLY place where and when wearing a man wearing Speedo bikini brief is acceptable.

CrossFit Games Muscle Bear - Lucas Parker

Lucas Parker at 2013 CrossFit Games
The 2013 CrossFit Games sponsored by Reebok was in progress this past week; a great opportunity to see 'The Fittest On Earth' compete in a tortuous range of strength, agility and endurance exercises of every sort. The activities and events aren't announced until a day or two prior to the competition -- requiring the athletes to be ready for ANY and EVERY physical challenge they might come up with.

Many of the CrossFit challenges are back to back exercise sequences involving both conventional weight and powerlifting moves, bodyweight plyometrics, swimming, running -- and lugging, pushing, pulling, and dragging some rather unconventional and usually very heavy objects just to keep things interesting. That's the nature of CrossFit: A constantly changing set of workout routines that build a body that's ready to respond to any strength and endurance challenge with a conditioned musculature to handle any physical and physiological demand.

One of my favorite contenders in the Individual Men's category is the bushy-bearded Lucas Parker, a 23 year old gorilla of a Muscle Bear from the Canada West CrossFit division. To even qualify for the annual International CrossFit games, he succesfully placed in the Top 2 of his Canadian division. That's something he did last year as well, so this Bear is one hell of an athlete no matter how you slice it. (He also rocks a Men's Speedo 1 Inch Shoreline Swim Brief as shown at 13m:10s in the clip below:)

It was hard watching him in the 2103 games coverage as the week began. Lucas really struggled with the first few events - only placing in the bottom quarter of the 45 or so guys in the Individual Men's competitions. But halfway through the games he finally hit his stride, got his muscle mojo on, and started placing much better going into and through the weekend. He especially rocked the progressive Ladder Clean and Jerk and tied for 1st-Place. (See picture above and watch this clip at the 25 minute mark) as Lucas screams and hollers his way through a #345 lift! That win seemed to shift his whole mindset and the 'real' Lucas Parker came roaring back.

In the last three events he finished 8th, 4th, and 5th respectively. That 8th placing in the 'Sprint Chipper' event was critical in helping him make the Top-30 cut to even be able to participate in the last two events. Overall, he managed to salvage the rough start and finish out the games at a respectable #19 overall. The Bear made a great comeback!

Watch more of the CrossFit games footage here - or learn more about the emerging sport of CrossFit training at Wikipedia.

Kettlebell Bodybuilding Workout For Muscle Bears

Bodybuilding With Kettlebells
Here is a great initial set of the five key kettlebell bodybuilding workout movements that virtually any MuscleBear or Bear Powerlifter should try for a great muscle building workout session. There is just something about kettlebell lifting that can build your beefy Bear bod and muscles in ways which typical dumbbell and barbell lifts don't. You may also find that committed kettlebell training is uniquely beneficial to for developing highly defined upper arms and shoulders - as well as forearm definition and wrist muscle size in particular. The 5 kettlebell bodybuilding movements listed below are a great workout as-is and can help form the foundation of your kettlebell training and muscle routine. But there are many other variants and exercises you can and should explore.

Types Of Kettlebells : Coated vs Uncoated vs Contoured
Your choice of which type of kettlebell to buy might simply be personal preference - or involve other practical factors. For some, Coated Kettlebells are easier on flooring and (when used in pairs) can minimize of of the klick-klack noise during a workout.

Others prefer the raw look and klinking sound of classic Cast Iron Kettlebells.

Lastly, a unique option is both a contoured and coated kettlebell that can be a bit more forearm friendly with it's specialized design:

GoFit KettleBell

Coated and Contoured

KettleBell Workout Protection
Wrist protection is smart for any kettlebell novice, and even for experienced users. Regardless if you're forearms are thin and bony or thick and meaty, until you truly master the nuances of kettlebell handling, you'll want to prevent them from getting bunged-up or bruised from many of the movements that involve a a flip of the weight onto the forearms. Kettlebell Wrist Guards with semi-rigid inserts to diffuse the impacts are the preferred choice. Alternately, double-wide terry-cloth athletic wristbands 4" to 6" wide and ideally with triple layers of fabric can provide more affordable forearm protection during your workout.

Kettlebell Swing
A classic initial warm up move, kettlebell swings stimulate the cardiovascular system while strengthening your legs and particularly, your core. To execute kettlebell swing, stand about two feet in front of the kettlebell. Bend at the waist and knees while maintaining a straight back as you reach forward grasping the handle. Lift the kettlebell out and upward steadily, letting it swing between your legs as you pop your hips forward and raise the kettlebell in front of your body. Continue to swing the bell down and back between your legs - then forward with pendulum motion. While you swing it forward, draw in your glutes, quads and abs forcefully. At this point you should exhale. Don't arch your back or use your arms or shoulders to advance the kettlebell, the key driver of momentum should emanate from the trust of your hips.

Kettlebell Deadlift
The deadlift works the glutes, quadriceps, hamstring muscle and erector spinal back muscles. To execute the kettlebell deadlift, straddle a kettlebell with feet a little wider than shoulder width. Lower your body slowly and gradually by bending your knees and grasp the handle of the bell with your hands side by side. Try to keep your eyes looking straight ahead and the angle of your back straight. Breathe deeply, then stand up in a steady movement, ending with a forceful exhalation and simultaneous contraction of your thighs, buttocks, and abs. Slowly and gradually lower the kettlebell to the floor, then repeat to complete the set.

Front Kettlebell Squats
Frontal squats with kettlebells predominantly beef-up your thighs, quads and gluteus muscles. Squats are preferably performed with twin kettlebells of equal weight. If you do not have an exact matching pair, you can trade and alternate sides between sets, or use the marginally weightier kettlebell in your non-dominant hand to improve it's strength. Or, you can perform a Goblet squat with a single kettlebell held centered on your upper chest. Standing with your feet in a fairly wide position, pick up the set of kettlebells from the floor and flip the balls out, up, and over so they are resting on the outer forearms at shoulder height, with elbows and arms flared out to the sides. Slowly lower your body until your upper legs are 90 degrees parallel, then stand back up pushing through your heels.

Kettlebell Snatch
The snatch is a combo power move involving a one arm kettlebell swing and also military press. To commence this exercise, begin in the same position as with the swing and position one hand on the kettlebell. Carefully lift it off the floor, let it swing back between your legs and then vigorously lift it straight over your head. As you do this, flip the bell over to the back of your forearm and try to keep your arm straight as possible. Pause at the top, then swing and flip the bell back down between your legs, repeat for a full set of reps, then switch sides.

Military Kettlebell Clean And Press
The military press using kettlebells works both your core and shoulders in unison. Get into the very same starting point as the deadlift, reach down and grasp the kettlebell using your right hand. Meticulously lift it from the floor, flip it over so the ball portion rests upon the back of your forearm and tuck the arm into the front of your body. This is called the 'rack position' and executing that movement is called a 'clean'. The kettlebell should now be at upper chest height. Bending your knees slightly, stand up straight as you push the kettlebell directly overhead. While you do so, powerfully contract your abdominals, rump, and quadriceps for an entire second, lower the kettlebell to your chest at the rack position, and then repeat. After accomplishing a set of reps, change sides.

Gay Bear Video Chat - Big Muscle Webcam Action

If you're like the majority of Geeky Bears, you own a laptop computer and are likely frustrated by its built-in webcam for adult Bear video chat. The viewing angles of webcams built into a laptop display are so limited, you really can't easily show off your best assets and still see what's happening with the lid tilted and angled down! So, for the best Gay Bear webcam chat experience, you really want an external Mac or PC web camera that gives you the freedom to position the web cam at any angle you want with ease.

Ideally you want a quality external USB webcam that has an optional standard camera tripod mount. Of these recommended HD webcam for Mac or PC options, a Logitech C615 or C920 with tripod mount are excellent choices for high-definition, razor-sharp images of fur, flesh and muscle. They also have exceptional light sensitivity and color balance that really cheap web cameras just don't have.

For personal 1-on-1 video chat a Desktop Mini Webcam Tripod comes in really handy. If you and a Beefy Bear buddy like to do group webcam action scenes, a standard floor standing tripod might be best for stable webcam positioning.

Yes, there's lots of options for 1:1 video chat with MuscleBears you may already know using Skype, FaceBook, Google Chat, etc., but it's nice to be able to find a COMMUNITY of like minded Gay Muscle Bears and Bears to browse and play with.

Many Bear chat sites offer the ability to record video clips, grab a webcam snapshot or engage in one-on-one Bear video chat using your web browser. Most of these use the Adobe Flash Video Plug-In to set up your web camera and microphone. is the singularly best site for its group webcam chat room with other Gay Muscle Bears - as well as being a great MuscleBear online community and profile site in general.,, are others you might want to explore. And of course, there's always for exhibitionistic Bear men who want to capture, upload and show the world video clips of what they're into.

There's also standalone video conferencing apps for Mac OSX or Windows: One of my favorites is ISPQ Video Chat which works well cross platform. What I like about ISPQ is that it has a Gay Bears and Daddies community built in to easily find other Bear men to chat and webcam with. Another is Camfrog which has a huge community across the globe and it's easy enough to find Gay / Bear / Muscle chat rooms to join.

How To Become A Muscle Bear - MuscleBear Wannabe FAQ

Muscle Bear Powerlifter
So, you want to be a Muscle Bear? Perhaps you are just starting out and want to know what it's going to take to become a big and beefy muscular Bear of a man. If you're a young Cub, or even an aging Daddy Bear who's gotten out of shape, it's never too early or late to start integrating fitness into your daily life.

Assuming you already have a basic, Bearish body, there's more you can do to refine, shape and build a hairy muscular Bear build to become a beefy MuscleBear of more solid proportions. If you already are a Buff Bear, you can become even more muscular, defined and solid.

Set Muscular Development Goals

Becoming a big Muscle Bear takes time - and a lot of effort at the gym. Set a realistic goal of turning into a Muscle Bear over a reasonable time frame. If you're really out of condition, expect to spend the first 30 days in "Muscle Bear Boot-Camp" mode retraining your basic physiology before you'll truly be able to start packing on serious muscle mass.

Hair Makes The Bear - Stop Unnecessary Shaving and Manscaping

What's a Muscle Bear without lots of body hair - or at least a decent beard or set of whiskers? If you've been leaning too heavily on the hair-clippers, beard trimmers and male body groomers, its time to back off. Let your beard fill out, get your chest or back hair back and stop whacking-off so often 'down there'. In the initial stages of turning into a Muscle Bear, grow back to your natural hirsiute state. In later phases of your muscular Bear development, you'll refine groom and style your look to be meaner, hotter, tougher and buffer.

Measure Your Muscles, Bear

Get a tailor's flexible tape measure. (Don't be Butch Bear and try using the metal one from your toolbox!) Using a men's physique and muscle measuring guide, get accurate measurements of your body for future reference on tracking your changes. Setting up an account and profile on a Gay men's fitness site like or can make measurement tracking easier.

Beef-Up Your Bear Brain With Fitness Books

Build a Muscle Bear Bodybuilding book library from some of the recommended fitness, weight-training and bodybuilding titles from best-selling selections that have stood the test of time. A good grasp on a Bear man's anatomy and musculature is critical for targeting muscle groups for rapid mass and size development effectively. The more you know, the more efficiently you'll grow in to the big, burly, beefy Bear you want to be.

Get A Grip On Your Pie-Hole, Fat Boy

It's no secret that most big Bear men are carrying around and extra 10, 40, or 100 unneeded and unwanted pounds of nothing but fat, fat, fat. If you want to become a MuscleBear, you're going to need to start trading in that fat for beefy muscle mass. And that means permanent and lifelong dietary changes to stop shoving crap mindlessly into your pie-hole in front of the TV or your computer, and start feeding your Bear body with clean, lean and healthy stuff instead.

Gear Up! Shop Some Hot Bear-Wear Workout Apparel and Gear

Becoming a buff Muscle Bear isn't just a physical routine. It's a look, an image, a built and burly persona you'll wear 24x7. You're going to need proper gym Bear wear attire and sporting goods for your time at the gym.

Join A Gym Where Gay Muscle Bears Hang-Out

Many find watching other big, hairy Bear men working out to be inspirational to say the least… Find a good local gym where a nice selection of beefy, hairy MuscleBears workout. Hit up on them, make friends and Bear workout partners to keep you motivated and on-track. And don't forget - Quality time spent undressing in the locker-room and showering with other MuscleBears is part of complete benefit package that comes with trying to be a MuscleBear yourself.

Set A Muscle Bear Workout Schedule - Commit To Fit

Few of us have the luxury to make being a MuscleBear a full-time job. We have other life commitments to work, partners and friends. But time spent weight-lifting has GOT to be allocated and adhered to 3 to 6 times a week, for 1-2 hours needs to happen, like clockwork. Make your Bear beef-up commitment and prioritize it in your life.

Push Your Bear Body - Or Pay A Personal Trainer To

If you really want to transform into a leaner, meaner, buff and beefy Muscle Bear - you're going to have to hit the weights hard, perform the exercises effectively, and push your muscles to absolute failure on the last reps of every exercise. For some, hiring a certified personal trainer is a smart investment starting on the road to Muscle Beardom. Locally, both John and more recently Ted have bossed my muscles around to great benefit.

Get Adequate Rest - Sleep With Other MuscleBears

Did you know your Bear muscle growth occurs mostly when you sleep - not during your weight-lifting workouts? Get plenty of rest, preferably by sleeping with other Muscle Bears whenever possible. You'll learn so much about -- well, a lot of things: Men's anatomy and physiology, the wide range of male body hair distribution patterns, the color and texture of various beards, goatees and body fur, learn the subtleties of extreme moments of muscular tension and flexibility, and the effects of the male hormone testosterone on both sexual and muscular response. Until you've had a muscular Bear man on top, pinning you down into hopeless submission, or exercising your skills at full-body contact sports in bed, you just won't fully appreciate how worthwhile your efforts to become a Muscle Bear can truly be!

Get Thicker Legs - A Big Beefy Butt - Meaty Thighs

Thick Legged Muscle Bear
A Muscle Bear’s glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings are the largest muscle bundles in a man’s body. They burn a remarkable number of calories while - and after they're being trained. Those squats, lunges, leg presses and deadlift sets take a significant energy toll on the whole body, yet yield great muscle mass-building results for the long haul. Because one's body works systemically, those demanding leg training sessions will contribute to a rapid increase in both muscle mass and in elevating your body's resting metabolic rate. The burn from hard-core leg training lasts long, long after the workout is finished.

Ham-Hock, you are sitting on your body's best fat-fighting resource: Your rump's gluteus muscles and upper legs are the two major body parts that incorporate the largest muscle groups on the human skeleton. These large muscle masses respond rapidly and well to weight-training: If you feel you haven't been making significant muscular development gains lately, re-focusing on leg training hard and heavy can deliver rapid, visible results.

For the most rapid gains in lean MuscleBear mass, you can’t avoid heavy leg training. The ability for muscular growth and transformations that leg training offers a muscular Bear’s whole body is simply too good to pass up. One doesn't need expensive gym equipment to pack on significant leg muscle. You can get thick, beefy legs with affordable muscle building equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells or performing bodyweight exercises. The exercise focus should be on doing squats, leg presses, dead-lifts and lunges until your legs feel like rubbery noodles.

Get thick calves with some very, VERY high rep Calf Raises. Do both standing and bent-over straddle raises - the latter get more hamstring involvement. Constantly mix-up and vary your Calf Raise with everted and inverted foot positions to target development of the inner and outer edges of the gastrocnemius muscles. Our Bear bod’s calves are used to toting around out bodyweight day in an out, so you really have to torture your calves above and beyond the normal to get them to respond and grow.

A simple, biweekly training regimen is to split your legs into front and rear. One day, train the muscle in front of your legs, then alternately train the muscle on the back side of your legs and calves. If you are looking for a well-defined, beefy, muscular backside, perfect your lunge movements. The bulk of your exercises should be classic, free-standing Powerlifting type moves with a barbell. However, Lying Leg Curl, Seated Leg Extension and Hack Squat machines should be part of the mix too. Try this leg training combo for 6 to 8 weeks then mix your routine. Any number of top-selling bodybuilding books can assist in becoming familiar with the proper way to perform the core leg exercises and familiarize you with the big muscles involved.

Palm Springs Bear Convergence 2014 - DJ Entertainment Linuep

2014 International Bear Convergence promises to be one of the largest Bear Circuit Party events that Palm Springs, California, the USA, and hopefully the world has ever seen. IBC - Bear Convergence is slated for Valentine’s / President’s Day weekend February 13th-17th ’14 in the internationally Fabulous and Gay Destination and Desert Oasis of Palm Springs, CA.

Poolside music entertainment slated for what might be the biggest Big Muscle and Speedo Bear pool party ever was recently announced and will include Disc Jockey’s from across the US, Palm Springs DJ locals, and across the pond are: DJ John LePage - DJ David Knapp - DJ Dough Jackson - DJ Paul Coals - DJ Chub Jim - DJ Ryan Jones - DJ Candy and DJ Easy Tiger.

Registration info for this big kahuna of Gay Bear events in Palm Springs can be found at the main website. The weekend Bear Party is being held at the Renaissance Hotel. There’s also Bear weekend event passes available for locals or those staying at other accommodations or clothing-optional Gay resorts in Palm Springs for the weekend. The main events of Bear Convergence 2014 will be Friday, Saturday, Sunday May 14th through 16th 2014, with Early Bird Bear arrival Bear events on Thursday the 13th - and Monday late stay-over for Speedo and Muscle Bears who ain’t in no rush and want to do and get done for the full Bear circuit party weekend.

Huge Nips Beefy Pecs : Muscle Bull Men With Big Nipples

Men With Huge Nipples
Whether you’re a Muscle Bear who’s worked really hard on developing your pectorals, or were naturally gifted with big, beefy pecs, you may find other aspects of your chest development and presentation are lacking. Specifically you may find your tiny nipples getting buried in all that muscle and fur. It could be argued that weight training and bodybuilding Bears packing on muscle are already engaged in one form of body modification: Tatoos, piercings, genital or male nipple enlargement are others.

Muscle Bulls and Bear men with big nipples can be quite a turn on and some may pursue nipple training and pumping to get long, thick, plump and meaty male nipples other guys can really sink their teeth into.

How To Get Big Nipples

Commit To Daily Nipple Training For Huge Nips

Set realistic expectations about how to get big, swollen nipples permanently. It takes time to get long term results, perhaps just a few months of pumping your nipples daily or at least 5 times a week. But the immediate benefits of big swollen nipples to play with only takes 15 minutes or so for temporary satisfaction.

Male Nipple Pumps And Cups For Meaty Nipples

Here’s a few affordable products to pump your nips and get started with your male nipple enlargement fetish. For around $10 - $50 I’d recommend a few men’s nipple suckers of note:

Clear Silicone Nipple Cups

For Nip Play and Training

The best starter solution pictured above is a pair of Supple Nipple Cups for about $20 shipped. The clear silicon lets you see men’s swollen nipples and they seal very well around the areola for staying put for a long nip pumping session. I have really hairy DaddyBear pecs and I found these stay on well without having to shave or trim the hair around my nips.

Another MUST-HAVE product for 2nd stage Bear men's nipple development and pumping are from MaxTwist. This pair of acrylic cups have a larger inside diameter over the Supple Nips. They're slightly over 1" to to draw up and plump more of the areola. You can achieve very strong suction using just a twist motion without having to buy a more expensive handheld hydraulic pump.

MaxTwist Nipple Suckers

Acrylic Nip Suction Set

If you're ultra serious about committing to developing big, meaty male nips and thick teats, an investment in a handheld vacuum pump and nipple cylinders can help you get your beefy Bear pecs impossible to ignore attention-getting respect they deserve.

Pair Of Nipple Cylinders

Hand Operated Vacuum Pump

For those who are really cheap, or want to add to your playtime toy chest you might also want a pair of the big, knobby Snake Bite Kit cups that are around $8 with free shipping as an alternative. They are tougher, have more nipple suction power and are great for tugging and slapping around during sex play.

Prepare For Pumping Your Nips

If you have a bear hairy chest, you may want to shorten and trim the hairs around your nipples slightly to insure a good seal to the areola. I recommend a pair of very high-quality Round-Tipped Safety Scissors - something that will also come in handy for other Gay men’s grooming needs like nose and ear hair or eyebrow and mustache trimming.

To have the best men’s teat pumping experience, moisten the skin around your nipples with a warm, wet compress first to hydrate and increase the blood flow to the nipples and pecs. Then use a good lotion like Lubriderm to soften the hydrated nipple tissue and create more skin elasticity before applying the nipple enlargers. Pumping will cause micro-trauma to the skin tissue. A little is what you need to get progressively larger nipples. Too much or over-enthusiastic pumping early on can be painful and may lead to temporary scabbing if overdone. Remember, you want to protect your nipples to enhance their sensitivity by pumping, not damage them with scarring or by abuse (unless that’s your trip.)

Explore Other Male Nipple Pumping Websites

Men with huge nipples like you’ll find at can provide additional nipple trainer expertise on nipple pumping tips and techniques. You’ll also find it a good source for higher-end genital and nipple suction pumps and nipple pumping cylinders to get your male teats thick, fat and huge - both safely and with quicker results.

MuscleBear Beef-Up : Wendler Workout vs Westside Barbell Routine

Wendler 5/3/1 Basic Big Muscle Workout
If you’re serious about transforming yourself into a big Muscular Bear, you need to either start your weight training hard and heavy or change-up your current workout routine. With a Back To The Basics and very focused core Mesocycle muscle building phase you can pack on a measurable amount of muscle mass in a short period of time. HIT - H.I.T - H.I.I.T. - whatever you call it - High Intensity Interval Training that focuses on the largest muscle groups in your body is the way to alter your calorie burning Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) and start trading pounds of fat for pounds of muscle.

In my quest to transform into a Muscle Bear, I’ve made dissappointingly slow but steady gains using a conventional split weight training routine. But even with a systematic approach to alternately training legs, back, arms, chest, etc. on alternate days, it seemed rather scatter-shot and lacking focus. Split Routines are common for most weight trainees and bodybuilders, and allow you to work out 5 or more days a week while still allowing various muscle groups to recover while you’re building up the others. For a lot of fit Bear men, daily exercise is simply part of a ‘Fit For Life’ mantra and it can be hard to actually take days off and really do NOTHING to allow your body, metabolism and nervous system to truly rest and recover like it needs to.

It was a challenge, but I decided if I was really going to take my quasi-muscular Bear physique to the next level, I needed to Stop. Rethink. And Re-Focus on basic core exercises in a Mesocyle. I’d lost the Bear belly, started seeing real muscle definition, but kept losing weight. Clearly I was losing more fat, but not trading it pound for pound with new muscle.

A MuscleBear workout of Classic HIT Training focusing on only my largest muscle groups, done in combination sets of opposing muscle groups helped me gain more lean muscle mass in 6 weeks than I had in the previous six months. A big part of that was reading up on two very popular Mesocycle programs: The WESTSIDE BARBELL WORKOUT and the WENDLER 5 3 1 RESULTS-oriented methods favored by Muscle Bear bodybuilders or Powerlifting Muscle Bears who are dead serious about achieving rapid muscle mass and strength gains.

Most of these Wendler and Westside Barbell inspired routines were modified to include free-weight barbell and dumbbell combinations such as bench presses alternated with bent-over barbell rows, shrugs with overhead presses, bicep curls alternated with tricep extensions, etc. I really stayed focused on free weights and only allowed myself to use machines to substitute for a few critical H.I.T. moves. Because of sacral and lower lumbar issues, a variety of leg press and hack squat machines helped me minimize the issues that strict form in free-standing barbell squats demands. And it’s just hard to substitute the unique muscle building qualities that the standing or lying leg curl and leg extension Cybex, Nautilus or Hammar Strength machines can bring to beef-up and define your quads, hamstrings and glutes. Both the Westside Barbell program and Wendler Training Method incorporate the option for varied supplemental exercises to balance out their core-training lifts.

Keeping in mind the six largest muscle groups of the body, I really kept myself critically aware of a few things: A Bear’s triceps are generally twice as large as biceps, so I made sure to pump and burn the back of my arms more consciously. That my leg workouts needed to become much heavier and painful to shock my muscles and metabolism into serious mass building mode. Ditto for dumbbell shrugs to add the visual mass that well-developed trapezius muscles add to an imposing physique. And for a thick, strong back, I had to load up and grind out more bent-over and barbell rows.

Palm Springs MMA - Mixed Martial Arts Classes At Desert Tiger Training

There’s no doubt MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing sports in America. Incorporating various disciplines of Asian, European and Western combat sports, a new team of trainers have banded together to form Desert Tiger Training in Palm Springs, California. Their offerings include specialized one on one MMA training from disciplines in in Kickboxing, CrossFit, Muay Thai, Grappling, Wrestling, Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Boxing. A variety of techniques are blended into an hour long strength and conditioning routine to take your strength, stamina and combative skills to the next level

DTT’s instructors include Jamison Roe, Roman Troy and Brian who each offer personalized 1-on-1 MMA instruction by the hour or in specially priced training packages are tailored to your needs and drawn from each man’s unique and specialized Martial Arts training backgrounds.

Recently Jamison and Roman stopped by World Gym Palm Springs to show us some of their Mixed Martial Arts moves during Ted Guice’s G-Force Fitness Class - and it didn’t take long before the BeefPieBear was dripping serious sweat! Nice of them to stop by. They also recently sponsored a Fight Night at the Barracks Bar in Cathedral city for a full night of Gay wrestler matches and cage match fighting. Very entertaining and a lot of half-nekked hot, hairy men wearing fight gear.

Palm Springs MMA group classes offered at Desert Tiger Training include Combat Conditioning, MMA, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - as well as special MMA for Kids sessions. Desert Tiger Training’s offering are held at the Palm Springs Barbell Club, 188304 W. San Rafael Drive Suite #200 on the north end of Palm Springs, CA 92262

Palm Springs International Bear Convergence 2014

The first ever IBC - International Bear Convergence in Palm Springs California is slated for Valentine / President Day weekend in 2014. Specifically that means Thursday, February 14th through Monday the 17th. Daily pool parties, nightly dance parties with renowned DJ’s from around the globe and more are planned.

The host hotel for IBC - The Renaissance Palm Springs is a 400+ room behemoth ideal for large gatherings and in it’s spectacular courtyard there’s a huge 5000 square foot heated pool promising the largest batch of Bear Soup ever created on planet earth. Of course as a public, mixed accommodation, swim suits will NOT be optional and reasonably civilized Bear behavior will be required.

Sadly, none of the Gay resorts in the Coachella Valley have anywhere near the rooms or scale to handle the turnout IBC is expected to draw. The location of the Renaissance at 888 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way however is perfect: Centrally located and just a few easy to walk blocks from the heart of downtown Palm Springs and the Gay Arenas strip of bars, restaurants and shops catering to our Out and Proud LGBT community.

For Bears with thin wallets, the $180+/night rates to stay at the International Bear Convergence host hotel might seem a bit stiff. However, you’ll be close to the action and far more likely to make connections by staying on-site. Locals like me who want to attend IBC 2014’s happenings can arm themselves by pre-ordering a $70 weekend event pass to get into the IBC event pool parties and dances. Other visitors might be seeking more affordable accommodations elsewhere. Of the Gay, clothing-optional resorts in Palm Spring’s centrally located Warm Sands neighborhood, I’d personally recommend either Vista Grande or especially All Worlds Resort for a diverse crowd and best facilities (4 pools, 2 spas, and steamy steamroom) more in the $120 a night range. Leather types might prefer Chaps Inn, or more Generic Bears might consider the recently opened Bearfoot Inn - both on the north-end of downtown Palm Springs.

For even more affordable accommodations, some of the cheaper 2nd and 3rd tier hotels and motels in Palm Springs can be found south of Downtown around the curve of South and East Palm Canyon drive. There, you’re more likely to find budget rooms in the $60-90 a night range. Remember, February is peak of tourist season in the Desert Cities so rates overall will be higher than summer or fall.

What to wear, Bear? Sunny days in the 70’s are what draw thousands to Palm Springs during the winter months. But February nights do get a bit chilly so think dressing in light layers after the sun sets. Poolside, you know I prefer Spandex-Clad Speedo Muscle Bears whenever possible and I’m hoping 2014’s International Bear Convergence brings the largest gathering of SpeedoBears ever before seen in the United States.

For reservation info to book a room, buy an event pass, or see the event schedule and more, visit:

Gay Steroids - HRT Bodybuilding - Muscle Bear Bearoids

Gay Steroid Muscle Bear
Anabolic steroid use in Gay men is on the rise - but it’s also happening in the broader culture as well. I’m surprised by what I’m seeing on TV. Dad comes home tired from work and a steady barrage of testosterone gel commercials on the nightly television news promise men a renewed lease on their energy levels and sex life. Add by gawd, it works. For many of our brothers in the Gay community, testosterone supplementation has helped stave off the ravages that living with HIV long-term can do to your body.

HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy for aging men is on a massive upswing. On many levels it’s simply a multi-billion dollar commercial steroid market that pharmaceutical companies are eager to legitimize and grow into a major profit center. And like far too many aspects of America’s pharma solution culture, we’re eager for more magic pills, gels and injections to solve any of our life issues and ease our pains - real or imagined.

As an aging Gay man who recently turned fifty-five, I went on testosterone replacement therapy with quite a bit of trepidation. My greatest fear was once I started TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy - what would life be like when I stopped taking the primary anabolic steroid that gives us energy, stamina, lean muscle mass and sexual drive? Without testosterone supplementation, would I turn back into my regular self and find that intolerable? Natural bodybuilding has it’s merits. The muscle gains and definition you get are the sum total of your weight-lifting efforts, training refinements, dietary choices and rest and recuperation cycles. Add synthetic testosterone to that - and it really does amplify and transform a routine gym routine into something that makes your muscles respond, body composition change, and delivers more visible results at an accelerated pace.

I’m not going to dive into the growth hormone and steroid abuse scene that I’m sure far to many athletes, bodybuilders and Gay Muscle Bears likely pursue. Whether it’s peckers or muskles, Bigger Is Supposedly Better and some will do, buy, inject, or swallow whatever it takes to get that -- to become the biggest, baddest Alpha-Male Bearoid of the bunch. There’s certainly no shortage of info on the net about all the steroids, dietary supplements, ergogenics, thermogenics, diuretics, et. al. to supposedly build, then strip your flabby Bear body into a chiseled slab of a beefy, muscular sex machine that everybody will want.

For the more sensible Muscle Bear wanna-be’s who’s testosterone levels are on the decline: Start by educating yourself with a decent book or three on TRT - Testosterone Replacement and other anti-aging options for men. A few good book titles I’d recommend are Testosterone : A Man's Guide and also Testosterone for Life: Recharge Your Vitality, Sex Drive, Muscle Mass, and Overall Health for starters. Then find yourself a decent Doctor of Endocrinology who specializes exclusively on assessing and treating the hormonal changes that men can experience as they age.

Photo credit: Preston Craig

Ecto Endo Meso - Buff Bear Bubba Bear Burly Bear Body Types

Muscle Bear Somatotypes

Bear Bodybuilder Somatotypes
The three primary forms of a Bear's body somatotype are Mesomorph, Ectomorph and Endomorph. William Herbert Sheldon was an American psychologist who's theories revolved around basic human body types. Sheldon proposed that the human physique be classified according to three fundamental elements, somatotypes, named after the three germ layers of embryonic development: The endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm.

For Muscle Bears, each somatotype comes with both positive and not-so-positive traits. By focusing on your own somatotype's propensities, you can minimize the negatives and build the best Muscle Bear body nature will allow. There are some Bears who are purely mesomorphs, ectomorphs, endomorphs, and have little or no characteristics of the other body types. But more commonly, real-world Bears fall into mixed categories, such as endo-mesomorphs or ecto-mesomorphs. Assessing where you fit into the mix can help determine your optimal diet, cardio routine, and weight training style. By tailoring your diet and workouts to which of the three primary body styles you inherited, you can plan a fitness routine that makes the most of what you’ve got.

Mesomorph Body Type - Burly Bears

A Mesomorph Bear body can be recognized by its often stout and naturally muscular appearance. Wide square hips and a broad chest define your classic Muscle Bear bodybuilder. The Meso body is notable in its ability to easily build defined muscle. So you'll find plenty of examples of Meso-style bodies at the gym and on Muscle Beach. If you're a Mesomorphic Bear, it's best to follow nature's lead and build as much muscle as you can. Their naturally lean muscle mass give shapes and tone to the appearance of the body. While Mesomorp’s don't have problems rapidly adding and sculpting muscle, they often carry extra fat. To burn it, it's important that cardio training be as focused as the muscle building portion. Meso's will likely prefer lifting weights to running on a treadmill, but a balanced workout routine will deliver better results overall.

Ectomorph Body Type - Buff Bears

The Ectomorph Bear body is typically tall and naturally lean with longer, slender bones and proportionately slim muscle bundles. Most don't carry much extra fat until later in life where it's likely to pile up only around the midsection. Ectomorphs will have the most difficulty gaining significant muscle mass, but their leanness does reveal cut, separation and striation of muscle easily. The best workout routine for Ecto body types focuses far more on strength training than cardio. In fact, cardio routines should be done primarily for the endurance and health benefits, rather than for weight loss. Note that because of their thinner bone structure, Ectomorphic Bears are more susceptible to injury. Longer leg and arm bone lengths alter the leverage ratios of some exercises, particularly squats and flyes. So strength training with moderate weights while focusing on the absolute largest muscle groups in the body helps deliver visible results quicker. Expect the more buffed, toned appearance that building additional muscle can provide near-term, and a long, hard commitment over many years to add truly significant mass.

Endomorph Body Type - Bubba Bears

The Endomorph Bear body is characterized by softer curves head to toe and high body fat. Endos usually carry a higher percentage of muscle than Ectos or Mesos and are naturally strong, but it's often buried under a great deal of fat. An Endomorph is likely to excel as a Bear powerlifter, but may struggle with one diet after another in any effort to get cut and reveal their muscle definition. Although building muscle mass can come rapidly to an Endo, fat loss is a constant challenge. You have to ‘eat big to grow big’, and unfortunately, Big Bubba Bears get that way from over-eating. The Endomorphic workout plan should incorporate significant weekly workout time to cardio, and devote the remaining days to very heavy free-weight power lifting and core H.I.T. basic strength training moves. High-rep isolation exercises done on machines might be good for warm-ups, but aren't likely to yield visible striation or muscle definition.

Speedo Bear Fashion : Bulge-A-Licious Swimwear!

BeefPieBear In A Speedo
What’s not to love about a big hairy Bear man in a tiny Speedo? Apparently the lust for SpeedoBears is a growing and trending phenomenon that shows no signs of abating. Speedo Bear sightings are on the rise this time of year as winter gives way to summer and SpeedoBear fashion becomes all the rage.

Here in Palm Springs, Gay Bears and Muscle Bears in Speedos are a common sight all year round where heated swimming pools and clothing-optional Gay resorts are easily encountered. An endless assortment of hairy men in Speedo Spandex can be savored 24x7, 365 days a year. And that’s why I live here. Generally, I’m not a brand-conscious Bear, but dangit - when it comes to Gay Bear swimwear - every guy OUGHT to have at least one tight Speedo-something for their water-sporting activities.

Speedo Bears In Briefs

BeefPieBear’s personal favorite, Hairy Bears in skimpy SPEEDO BRIEF and bikini styles is always preferred. Surprisingly, the company makes quite a range of cuts and styles for the Bare-It-All Muscle Bear in a Speedo crowd. The ‘rise’ of the side panel at the hip can vary from a scandalously slim 1” rise as in the Solar Speedo model, 3” in the Classic Endurance/Sport swimming brief. For big boned Bears with a lot of Junk-In-The-Trunk, you can pack all that rump into as much as a 5” rise in the rather mid-century modern style high-waisted Speedo brief that brings back vintage memories of retro 1960’s spy film beach chases, or Lloyd Bridges in the TV show ’Sea Hunt’.

Speedo Bears In Trunks

For somewhat more conservative Speedo Bears, SPEEDO TRUNK style cuts are available with short to middling inseam lengths cut square across the thighs. I rather like that sort of look on some SpeedoBears. It gives a sort of geometric angularity to frame the Speedo Spandex while it accentuates the curvature of hairy thighs and furry upper body.

Speedo Bears In Jammers

For the truly ‘Thigh Shy’ Bear man, SPEEDO JAMMER style swimwear appeals to the Bear who’s a bit modest about showing off their Thunder-Thighs. They may also appeal to exceptionally well-hung Bears who need all that extra inseam length on their Speedo to properly pack their package and not have anything inadvertently poking it’s head out at innocent bystanders.

Are You Into Speedo Bear Fashion?

Are you big, beefy, hairy or brazen enough to show your stuff in a Speedo? Some guys aren’t. For those who are, explore a more extensive evaluation of the cuts, fits, colors and styles for your particular Spandex Bear swimwear needs. You can visit the Speedo USA website and do additional research on the growing and bulging cult of Bear HAIRY MEN IN SPEEDOS and perhaps by doing a quick search for them at Tumblr.

KettleBell Bear - Basic KettleBell Exercises

Muscle Bear Kettlebell Workout
Recently our decidedly fabulous World Gym in Palm Springs got a set of classic, round cast-iron kettlebells and a rack that I’ve been dying to try out. Not too many other guys at the gym, let alone any of the A-List Muscle Bears seem too interested in becoming Kettlebell Bears - which is unfortunate. It’s also unfortunate that it’s only a single rack of 9 kettlebells of varying weights from 10-50 pounds. Some of the best kettlebell exercises require a matched pair of equally weighted bells for each hand.

The benefits of kettlebell training are well known: All the moves are compound exercises that affect multiple body parts. As with free weight training with dumbbells, supporting muscle groups are called into place to stabilize the movements. Kettlebell exercises also are great for cardiovascular endurance.

I’ve been researching the most popular and basic kettlebell exercises and watching some of the best videos of kettlebell routines. There’s a lot for a novice to learn, practice, and get down cold before attempting some of the more advanced kettlebell workout moves. I’ve also been considering getting a kettlebell or two for home workouts. In particular, coated kettlebells that protect hard floor surfaces, and are contoured like the one featured below. That can spare your forearms from getting bunged-up as you perform movements that involve overhand flip movements overhead or at the chest.

The 5 Basic Kettlebell Routines I’m working on:

Kettlebell Swing, Kettlebell Clean and Press, Kettlebell Snatch, Kettlebell Deadlift, Kettlebell Front Squats

Coated and Contoured Kettlebell

With Bob Harper Training DVD

Lastly, from my limited trial workouts, it’s really, really smart to have good gonad and scrotum support while performing the kettlebell circuit. I highly recommend a snug, well fitting jockstrap, such as any of the Nasty Pig Jock Straps to keep your balls intact through the rather ballistic, pelvic thrust movements that are the mainstay of kettlebell training routines.

Best Bodybuilding Books For Muscle Bears

Any Muscle Bear worth his weight knows that you have to equally build your brain to get your brawn. Even the most dedicated gym rat Bears using only their instincts will eventually hit plateaus in muscle gains or waste hours and hours of their life with relentless, sub-optimal weight-training techniques.

I’ve had the cheap luxury of a great second-hand store in the neighborhood with an extensive collection of used health books that has allowed me snag dozens and dozens of fitness, exercise, nutritional guidance, weight training and some of the best bodybuilding books for only a buck or two apiece over the years. I kept the best, donated the rest, and learned a lot of things a Muscle Bear needs for a lifetime of knowledge they can apply at the gym every day.

If I was stranded on a deserted island with only 3 of the best books for bodybuilding it’d be an easy choice:

Detailed Muscle Illustrations

Frederic Delavier

Bodybuilding Encyclopedia

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilding A-Z Reference

Robert Kennedy