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New Years Resolutions for Gay Bear Men - MuscleBear Version

The new year is always a great time to reevaluate What The Hell You Are Doings- And Why Are You Doing It? If you are a Muscle Bear or a MuscleBear Wanna-Be, it's a good time to look at the past year and what did and didn't work in both your daily life - and at the gym. And a chance to get it right-er. Do it smart-er. Get it better-er.

In athletic endeavours it's smart to have, and set goals. Even if you aren't big on New Year's Resolutions, you can put a few things forefront in your Bear brain to help keep you on track. That said, some things to target in the year ahead:

1. Get Laid More Often: It relieves stress, stimulates natural hormone production and can help target underdeveloped muscles that you certainly aren't likely to reach at the gym.

2. Set Near-Term Goals: When clearly identified within a narrow, specific time-frame - you're much more likely to achieve changes you want in your life than those with a distant horizon. Think hours and weeks, not months and years. Start every workout with a clear goal in mind, be aware of it every minute, and don't lose focus until your time-limit or sets are done.

3. Push Your Boundaries: We all have our 'Comfort Zones' we tend to stay in - Have a buddy at the gym help you get past yours, or hire a Personal Trainer to impose an extra degree of discipline to take your further, faster.

4. Clean Up Your Act: That means your refrigerator and cupboards. We all have starchy, salty, greasy things in our kitchens that our bodies would be better without. If it isn't Clean - Lean - Whole - Fresh -- toss it and shop for better alternatives.

5. Leave Your Vanity At The Mirror: Even if you already are an Alpha Male Bear-Stud Muscle Stallion - The true measure of a man doesn't live in a measuring tape, and can't be seen in the reflection. True health and wellness is a balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Without real balance in all three, you're just a two-legged table waiting for a fall…

Tips For SpeedoBears : Laundering and Caring For Your Speedo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And when you see this one you're probably asking yourself:

"How should I care for my men's Speedo Brief after a swim in chlorinated or salt-water?
How can I get the maximum life from my Speedo and prevent the elastic fabric from sagging or decaying prematurely?
Should I, as a bald and hairy Bear man, allow slow damage to my Speedo swim wear by leaving them on…?
Or, should I remove them promptly as I emerge from the water at the pool or beach and allow them to air dry quickly?
Should I photograph & document my Speedo care process in the event of a dispute over the swimming brief's warranty?
Should I ask other hairy Bear men to strip off their Speedos so that I can wash several at the same time?

And lastly:
"Will that Bear love and care for me the same way he obviously loves and cares for his Speedo?"
Beefy Hairy Bear Man with Speedos
As a proud, Gay Speedo Bear and owner of MANY Speedo swim briefs -- I can tell you they DO wear out. Ocean salt water and pool chlorine DO take their toll on the lycra spandex fabric. Being seen publicly in a trashed-out, saggy butt-fabric worn-out, poorly cared for Speedo is embarrassing. One SHOULD rinse them with fresh water as soon as possible - and allow them to air-dry 'AU NATURAL' as demonstrated in the above SpeedoBear picture.

Branch Warren Trains Insane - Muscle Bear Madness

Albert Einstein defined Insanity as "Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results." Ah, but that IS the nature of weight-training, isn't it?

Clearly as a very Physical Scientist specializing in exploring Gravity, Mass, Inertia and Time -- Albert didn't spend nearly enough time at the gym doing heavy-duty squats, shrugs and presses sweating and grunting like a pig in a jockstrap - or he'd have come up with a somewhat very different, memorable quote. Especially if he'd had the opportunity to watch Branch Warren work out.

Ya have to wonder what's going on in that big, lumpy noodle of his as Branch cranks through is own gravity, mass, inertia and time continuum. You can bet there's some serious-ass internal dialog going on in there - only some of which escapes his lips for some memorable 'Fuckyeah!' quotes of his own. Check out more of
Branch Warren - Train Insane segments 1-10 on YouTube and marvel at this little Muscle Moose in action.

Holiday and Any-Day Gifts For Gay Men : Muscle Bear Version

What if Mr. Claus came all year 'round -- And under that red Santa suit - there was a Beefy, Burly, Bodybuilding Grizz Daddy Top in a wrestling singlet strong-arming you and pinning you down to nail your tail asking: 'And what do YOU want for Christmas, little boy? Huh?!?' Well you'd better have an answer. Here's some gift suggestions for Gay men with muscle ready to fight back:

Muscle Boys - Gay Gym Culture - If there's some brains behind the Bear brawn, some depth beneath the Muscle Bear - This is a great read for grokking Gay Physical Culture that we all get drug into whether we realize it, want to, or not - In and out of the gym.

Men's Grooming Kit - A beefy selection of Paw 'N' Jaw, Hack 'N' Whack shaving and grooming tools for men - all in a zippered travel kit.

Grizzly Paws Lifting Gloves - Grizzly makes a line of fitness gear for Power Lifters and Beefy Boyz. Perfect for slaves to bear-branded Brand Fashion.

Gorilla Suit - Gay bodybuilder Bob Paris writes his long road to winning Mr. Olympia in the 80's and Coming Out afterwards - in a rather Straight business of fit chicks with boobs clinging to biceps. 30 years later - it's STILL a great read for any Gay weight-lifter or body-building Bear wanna-be.

Muscular Development - Save yourself some big Bear Bucks subscribing to Muscular Development magazine. The newsstand price is staggering, especially considering how many Supplement Ads you gotta wade thru to get to the actual articles. I'm just saying if you were stranded on a desert island with a #270 Body Building Bear - this would be THE BEEF-UP MAG he'd subscribe to, NOT Men's Fitness.

Big Muscle SEO - Strong Arm Wrestling Tactics Pack Muscle

Big and Hairy Bear Men Wrestling
If you're even reading this, you've already been strong-armed, wrassled down and pinned to the mat by one heavy-duty SEO Top Bear Dad. Now lick it! Cuz that's what I do for a living: I force dirty, hungry bad-boys searching the net for big ol' hairy Bear men things into submission and drag 'em into my dungeon to do with ya what I will. What I lack in Brawn - I make up for in Brains. Big Beefy Brains that need a daily workout.

When I'm not at Golds or World Gym humping my butt, swimming, trying to eat a clean-er diet, and getting enough rest -- I'm in a head-on full-body assault with The Big G - Mr. Google. I spend hours body-slamming websites down his throat and makin' him eat keywords like he was my spunk suckin' Boy! (Well, truth to admit - sometime he spits up what I'm feeding him - and I gotta bark 'SWALLOW IT!' to git him to choke it all down. My little Bing-Bearcub and Yahoo-Hole -- well, they're a lot easier to train…)

Why do I mention all that? Well, rather than go all Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Geek-Psycho on your furry butt -- I'll tell you this: My time spent at the gym is how I COPE with all this Power Blogging and Internet Instigator - Dominator krap. I lift weights to grind out my frustrations. I crank cardio to have the physical endurance push thru it all the geeky tech stuff, swim laps ala Speedo Bear to wash the nerd dirt outta my brain cells. So I have the stamina and strength to carry on. Big Muscling your way to the top of Google ranks ain't for sissy boys. It's an Olympic feat - and I train hard to do it.

Bear On Wheels - Roller Daddy

70's FLASHBACK - Ding's roller rink in the 4-H building at the County Fair Grounds. The Soundrack: The Osmonds, Bobby Sherman, and The Jackson 5. The Objective: Stay Upright! The Fear: Having to find a GURL to do the romantic "Twighlight Skate" with the lights dimmed down -- when all ya really wanted to do was hold hands with a hairy-pawed guy while the Osmond's 'Sweet & Innocent' played over the loudspeakers:

HERE: My Secret Crush, Mutt. If it is possible to fall in LURVE over YouTube: Help! I've fallen and I can't get up -- unless this man reaches down his hairy paw and gets me back on all 8 wheels again:

80's FLASHBACK - Rhythm-Land roller rink, North Minneapolis. GAMMA Gay Athletic Club sponsored rink nights. The Soundtrack: David, the Hip-Kweer D.J. who guided us safely out of 70's Disco into 80's Dance Pop. The Objective: Avoid that f*cked-up part of the rink floor - right at the curve that EVERY indoor rink seems to have. The Fear: That Beautiful, Black Bearded Ken wouldn't stick out that big hairy paw and ask me UP for the Twighlight Skate when they dimmed the lights and played sappy songs. But he did. And we skated together. And then he took me home and screwed my brains out. Ahhh, fond memories...

FAST FORWARD: I want to re-live my misspent youth. That does it, I'm gonna order some Quad Skates and get my roller MOJO back! And then I'm gonna hunt Mr. Mutt down and have that Daddy-Bear Dream-Skate I seem to need in the 21st Century.

Wrestling Bears - In Speedos - Gauna Bear Art

BEARS IN SPEEDOS - They're not just for swimming anymore.

Here, artist and illustrator GaunaBe@rt from Buenos Aires Argentina shows how a colorful assortment of men's Speedo briefs can be used by nearly nekkid hairy wrasslin' men just before a Body-Slam or performing a 'Who's Your Hairy Daddy - Huh Boy?' Full-Nelson. Although there are specialized men's wrestler briefs made just for Gay Bear wrestling, you can always use a Speedo in a pinch for your Roman-style take-downs.

Check out his other worksby Gauna Bear Art at his Blogger or FaceBook page for other samples of his Speedo Bear, MENS WRESTLING SINGLET and classic RUGBY BEAR WEAR illustrations. Great stuff!