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Miracle Fitness Muscle Suppliment Revealed!

Walk into any GNC - General Nutrition Center - and you'll feel like you've been had. There's nothing 'GENERAL' about it. It's about SPECIFIC nutritional 'needs' your brain thinks you have cuz you've read waaaaaaay too many Muscle and BodyBuilding Mags - when all your body really needs is a decent well-balanced diet - and a decent equally balanced multi-vitamin and mineral suppliment.

When the BeefPie is more interested in Beef than Pie -- I simply have a 3x5 index card in my cupboard that says 'Take Your Vitamins'. Which simply means a dirt-cheap bottle of Costco's house-brand 500 count Kirkland Signature Daily Multivitamin and Mineral With Lycopene, Lutein and More

Kirkland Signature Daily Multivitamin & Mineral

- 500 Tablets - $25 Shipped - a FULL YEAR supply

Imagine that: VITAMINS and MINERALS your body needs in ONE SINGLE MIRACLE TABLET that - when combined with exercise - will help you lose weight and pack on muscle! WOW! All for a mere 7 cents a day.

Why Kirkland? Why Cuz it's like all the fun of NOT finding a parking spot, NOT banging shopping-carts with old people who live in RV's. NOT having to pay for or show a card to prove your exclusive Costco membership.

BeefPieBears 10-Second Erection Perfection Workout

They say a picture is worth a THOUSAND words. And that RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Well, as you can see below using my revolutionary POSTURE PERFECT ERECTION PERFECTION METHOD...

I transformed myself from a drooping, flaccid, pathetically limp status to full, erect hardness in seconds.

With my revised 10-Second "ERECTION PERFECTION Workout Routine -- Even YOU can achieve results like this without grueling workouts and heavy weights. If you would like tho share the results of YOUR own 'Posture Perfect Erection Perfection' success leave a comment and we'll make arrangements to share YOUR Before-And-After erection pics for all the world to see.

Muscle Bear Videos : The Gay People Have Spoken

Have you ever been STRONG ARMED? Like in arm-wrasslin' where the guy tips you past center and puts on the pressure -- and you know you're being out-muscled -- but ya fight like all hell, ya fight back with all you got even if you know you're gonna lose. Just cuz you like seeing his big bulging hairy bicep stud-guns outgunning you on your way down. You're losing, but oh, what a way to go!

Muscular Bear Hairy Arm and Bicep Flexing

Do you know what you really want in life? I do. You want HAIRY MUSCLE BEAR VIDEOS. You want GAY MUSCLEBEAR BLOGS. You want HAIRY BEAR GAY MUSCLE MEN. (And my god you love BEARS IN SPEEDOS you dirty pervs.)

How do I know? Google Analytics tells me what's on your dirty bear brains. So today I'm strong-arming the hell out of Google here in raw naked aggression: trash-talking it during this take-down power-post: FORCE FEEDING MY BEAR MAN TOOL verbal keyword-loaded abuse down Google's throat and making him EAT IT!

Google likes Hairy Bear Muscle Videos, I do too. PLEASE COMMENT and paste or embed the URL of YOUR favorite Muscle Bear Video on YouTube. Show us what you liked, show us the best you got and I'll link to and embed it.

Bear Hairy Men And Manscaping Tools

My Wahl T-Finisher is one of my favorite Best Tools For Manscaping Men And Their Hairy Body Parts. I try to be a prudent Bear about not over-hacking my furry bits excessively or unnecessarily. Lord knows there's nothing quite as dissapointing as going to the gym only to see your favorite MuscleBear has gone off the deep-end, over hacked his body fur, shaved his back, cut off his goatee and sideburns, denuded his big beefy arms... And you just have to tell yourself "I don't even want to know what he did DOWN THERE to his pubic area", which probably got overly Manscaped as well.. Personally, I try to keep my hair-trimming efforts ABOVE the neckline - and go lightly in the nether regions.

Oh, I know U GUYZ U really just want Pictures of Really Beefy Hot Hairy Guys - Although I am a bit of a connessieur and very professional about such things, there are 100,000+ other places on the net for those.

Summer: Open Season On Topless Hairy Guys

It's that time of year again: Summer. June 1st marks OPEN SEASON on big burly exposed man-flesh as temperatures rise and meaty muscle hits the beach with T-shirts off and whatnot.
hairy bearded guy in speedo on the beach
It's the whatnot that I love to see: Thick, furry thighs (I'm a Leg-Man, myself) - toes barefoot in the sand for you Foot-Freaks out there. Wet wooly beard curling and sparking in the sun. Tight hairy abdominals with lint-filled navels there in a Speedo Brief in full public view at the beach, by the pool... Ah, summer!

Split-Routines Last-Chance Beef-Up Workout

BeefPieBear is heading back home to the backwoods soon - and in the final stretch before departure - is pushing his physiology to the MAX with a Split, Triatholon exercise routine that is either gonna tighten and tone, build and bulk in the next two weeks... Or... I'll end up a quivering blob from over-training.

I signed up for a short membership at Gold's Gym for my final days. Perhaps there's some Big Beefy Burly Massive Hairy Ginormous MuscleBears here in town that I've missed! And I do wanna see what I've been missing - Gold's has such a different mixed crowd and kharma than my usual set of BeefPies at World Gym. Oh, but it's more than just about men, Men, MEN!!! For anyone who's been exercising at all, you know how the routine of routine can numb you. Alternating or switching gyms is good for the mind AND body - and if you're single - maybe it can beef-up your romantic life too.

So here's to my last few weeks in California: I'm loving the way the different weight-machines shake-up, wake-up my body to do things just a little bit different, to call into play muscles that were slightly neglected. I'm doing Gold's in the morning. Swimming my laps in the apartment pool in the afternoons. Then, after carbs and a nap - it's back to World Gym to push my body that extra notch further where it needs to go. Time's running out. It'll be hard to be as active and fit back home. Last chance.

Brain vs Brawn : MacGizmoGuy vs BeefPie Smackdown!

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That's quite an EMPIRE, eh? Well it barely keeps my face fed. And I still don't have Health Insurance. But I'm getting there, one site at a time. And to keep me from sitting on my dead-ass 24x7. I push myself away from my MacBook, load up my gym bag, and go work out my frustrations at the gym.The best of both worlds!

BeefPieBear's Hormone Assessment

BP's Hormone Levels and Dr. Szadist's patience are tested as BeefPieBear undergoes extraction to assess his muscle development potential: