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This page contains a small rump-load of very important legalese for those so inclined to read about earnings disclaimers on affiliate websites such as this. Sometimes when visiting sites like this on the internet, the pages may contain aff links to various Bear grooming, apparel and fitness products to help you get big big, beefy, burly, and buff.

The Federal Trade Comission - The FTC requires that affiliate websites clearly state the nature of their affiliate relationships and the prospect that income may be earned from the purchase of products mentioned and linked to. May. Maybe. Might. Or might not depending on the website visitor's behavior and interests.

It also needs to be made clear that the mention of such products does not necessarily or implicitly consitute an endorsement of such products as to their warrantability, usefulness, performance or heck, just about any aspect of using the product. Exciting phrases like merchantability, endorsement, compensation, liability, warrants and all get involved here and must be utterly and totally disclaimed by the website owner because, heck, just cuz I link to something doesn't mean I forced you to buy anything nor have any real responsibility if you're not happy with something you purchased from somebody else, on somebody elses website, from some other manufacturer or distributor. But I might make a few cents or dollars if you do for potentially helping in facilitating the purchase process.

So in many ways the affiliate and earnings disclaimer is an important page to make it clear that you're responsible for your own actions, and I'm responsible for mine. And whether you're happy or not with stuff you buy over the internet is really between you and the party that makes it or delivers it. That said, I really do want you to be happy in life and to find products that American Consumers will find adds meaning, purpose and style to their product consumption behaviors that help keep our economy strong.

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