A Bears Guide To BeefPieBear Industries

About The BeefPieBear

"Too Much Pie - Not Enough Beef" has long been the motto of BeefPieBear Industries USA. So our focus on the Gay Bear men's market for fitness and exercise gear, weight-training equipment, Bear wear and hot men's Speedo swimwear is paramount. Whether you're a Muscle Bear wanna-be cub, or an aging, hairy Bear man seeking to reintegrate daily exercise and weight control into your Gay lifestyle, BeefPieBear Industries reviews the products and services explicitly designed to address the needs of this body-concious Gay fitness and sports community. BeefPieBear Industries umbrellas a diverse range of vertical markets that go beyond MuscleBear Bodybuilding or Gay gym clothing and apparel, but into the total package as well. Recent strategic acquistions and product offering diversification now includes a specialized focus on beard trimmers and facial hair grooming accessories, as well as Gay mens bodygrooming, manscaping and Bearscaping gear as well.

Our CEO and MasterMind, the BeefPie himself - aka Shawn BeefPieBear Smith oversees a diverse empire of internet resources dedicated to big muscle development, Gay male grooming, and related fitness interests. Dedicated teams of website developers, social media marketers, sports apparel and fitness product researchers and Gay bloggers complete the mix where business and pleasure combine to provide our employees a healthy and energized workplace.

Offices Of BeefPieBear Industries USA

BeefPieBear Industries Headquarters

The main headquarters of BeefPieBear Industries USA office is located in the Desert Oasis paradise of Palm Springs California. Known for it's warm, sunny climate and spectacular mountain views; Palm Springs is a Fabulously Gay destination in both North America and as an International draw. With abundant heat and sunshine, world-class resorts and recreation opportunities abound in this small city nestled at the foot of the San Jacinto mountains.

Our business park on East Palm Canyon Drive is conveniently located less than a mile south of Downtown Palm Springs. There, you'll find plenty of opportunities for shopping, dining and people watching in our bustling shopping district. Just two block over you'll find the famous Arenas Road strip of Gay bars and businesses catering to our renowned fashionable LGBTQ community.

MuscleBear And SpeedoBear Paradise

Here on the BeefPieBear campus you'll find a lush desert-tropical landscape surrounding the enclave of Fitness, Wellness, Rejeuvination, and Healing enterprises that share our office spaces. Speedo Bears will enjoy swimming in the large pool and enjoy watching Muscular Bear men sunning out on the ample deck at the center of BeeefPieBear Industries North American office complex. To relax sore muscles after an intense workout or weight-training session, a hot and high-capacity spa in the business park campus can seat over a dozen beefy, hairy Bear men for an unforgettable whirlpool experience.

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